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  1. Insurgency SOAR Server Warned Players

    Just had a "Kim Jong Un" who later reconnected as "Kim Jong Il". Lifted the chopper off the ground and tried crushing players. Damaged vehicles, killed a few. Was warned, reconnected, tried role-playing as the character which was vaguely amusing but not very entertaining in conjunction with the whole "killing other players" aspect.
  2. Insurgency SOAR Server Warned Players

    SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... If they make the effort to register and appeal the ban I would consider lifting it. Sounds groovy, but most likely no need to worry--they didn't say a word the entire time they were on. Cheers though, and thanks for the welcomings back, y'all! Been daaaaaaang busy lately, so though I don't have all the time I'd like to keep up in community affairs. I still got an hour or two here and there to get on some good ol' ARMA 2, to have fun and keep an eye on things though... ...when I'm not secretly playing the ARMA 3 alpha after bedtime. ;)
  3. Insurgency SOAR Server Warned Players

    Well, had a couple of goofballs get on the Insurgency server half an hour ago. There were only two players actually playing aside from myself, so I was lenient on them as they shot each other for fun some distance away. Then they blew up vehicles at base, killed me while I was fixing a tire, and generally acted rampantly wild. Players were: Neo-Spirit Trerb4 L_Adversaire Kicked Neo-Spirit after he deliberately crashed a chopper, and Trerb4 after he lethally put a stop to my tire changing. Asked them nicely before and after to play more responsibly, and they left shortly after. L_Adversaire was more tame than the other two, but was hanging around with his buddies all the same. Just putting this here for information's sake. They've had their warning.
  4. Arma 2 Not working after Steam update

    SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... [...] I noticed as well no more Launch as Combined Operations but as Beast said I think they have merged them now so only need to run OA??? That's what I read, that's what I did, and for me, that's what works! But wise idea suggesting running each separately first--it might be they need to generate some kind of content file so that Operation Arrowhead knows all what's there. Maybe. I dunno. The exact process I did was run Operation Arrowhead once, close it when I realized ARMA 2 wasn't there, ran it again and set up ARMA 2 through the Expansions menu, restarted the game, and now I've got all the mods I selected through the Expansions menu enabled when the game starts.
  5. Arma 2 Not working after Steam update

    Hey ya'. Combined Ops is still there. After the file-format update thing, all that's happened is ARMA 2 and Operation Arrowhead have been merged, and are set up through Operation Arrowhead. When you start ARMA 2: OA, at the main menu click [Expansions], then enable ARMA 2 and Operation Arrowhead files and whatever other mods you want to use. That's what I did at least, and from there I've just been using Six Updater to manage all the other stuff that comes along with ARMA modding, and for launching the game. But yeah, once you set the 'Expansions' in Operation Arrowhead, it should run in combined mode automatically because it'll load both contents from ARMA 2 and Operation Arrowhead.
  6. First airshow! :D

    A comment on the third photo; be careful--there's nothing more dangerous than a sniper rifle that's been cornered. Heheh, if you get it, woo! But great photos, looks like a great time, glad you enjoyed it!
  7. What would you be willing to try if you knew you could not fail?

    BASE jumping. I'm working on my Skydiver license deal right now--hopefully here in a decade or so I'll do my first BASE jump, whoop. But if I could try it and not fail? Wingsuit BASE; no training, right now. Whoopah.
  8. Thanks =VG=

    Salutations Spears!!! Awesome to see yer', and awesome to see you with the tags! Glad you've joined us in title as well as company!
  9. Armory

    Yeeeeeeeeeah...smoother animation, smoother movement...I'd much prefer those changes over graphic enhancement. ...though I must say that new grass and flora looks sweeeet! Oh, and on topic, I'm looking forward to it. But I've always been a bit of an infantry fellow. Ooo! Know what'd be reeeally groovy? A ghillie suit that uses physics in the engine to have dynamic jute and foliage, swaying in the breeze or when you move! Whoop!
  10. Loving Arma Server, Voice enabled teams!

    Welcome to the forums brother--groovy to see another decent fellow here. Yeah, voice communication can make or break an assault--and it improves the speed and readiness of coordinated patterns in a way that typing just can't beat. I forward Semler's recommendation--check out the Domination server when you get the opportunity, or better yet, once it's updated. In Insurgency, it's usually best for the squad leader to say outright whether he wants the squad 100% voice enabled or no. Might seem impolite, but it's a team play game, and communication plays a critical part.
  11. VG FTW

    Voted. Whoop!
  12. The future of stealth

    NO WAY. SWEET. AMAZING. VERY GROOVY. SCARY. These thoughts--and more!--with single viewing of BAE's Adaptive Camouflage video--no purchase necessary.
  13. ArmA 2 =VG= Domination: Changes, Additions, and Ideas

    Semler LAN_WROTE ... Anything else I missed?? Ghillie suits for wook-- *Cough! Cough!* ...? :)
  14. ArmA 2 =VG= Domination: Changes, Additions, and Ideas

    Semler LAN_WROTE ... -Ghille Suits for Snipers And wookiee suits for Beasts, yeah? Heheheh!
  15. Basic ACE tips

    Man, I'm a little behind on this whole ACE thing, but that all sounds darned fun--any talks on re-integrating ACE on one of the servers going on?