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  1. Bad admin

    Why do we have to keep telling these idiots about the rules?
  2. Back in the day...

    I am down Blud! I am quick to ban people like that too, My anger issues sometimes get the better of me when dealing with Kinder.
  3. Back in the day...

    I will be honest Blud I got bored of PR, Lots of crashing issues or joining on the same map every time I lunched the game. Also a lot of smart ass players that where regulars that I didn't really want to have anything to do with. I will give it a reinstall this week because I do miss the teamwork.
  4. VETERANS-GAMING COOP Guide made by BrakeGamer

    Hey Brake thanks for stepping up and supporting the community with your guides. Well done sir!
  5. KAK INDUSTRY MR.BLONDE 300 blackout AR15 BUILD.

    Since the site was down while I was doing the build I will have figure out a way to show every one how its done.
  6. KAK INDUSTRY MR.BLONDE 300 blackout AR15 BUILD.

    Here it is
  7. KAK INDUSTRY MR.BLONDE 300 blackout AR15 BUILD.

    Update: lower has been ordered should be in by the end of the week.http://aeroprecisionusa.com/lower-receivers/ar15-stripped-lower-receiver-with-cerakote.html the build will start next week.
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Yea I would love to set up a merc band and build a galactic pmc empire or even start a pirate group.
  9. KAK INDUSTRY MR.BLONDE 300 blackout AR15 BUILD.

    Me too man, I can't wait to put it together and shoot it. Also update on the lower, it might be in standard finish for the time being till I can paint it in DE.
  10. Elite Dangerous

    Hey guys there is a new space Sim coming out for those of us who enjoy these games. Beta is out on the 29th this month and damn the game looks beautiful. This game will be both muitplayer and single play. http://elite.frontier.co.uk
  11. KAK INDUSTRY MR.BLONDE 300 blackout AR15 BUILD.

    While we are all waiting on me to get home to put the AR together I figured I would show off my latest blade, it a Russian made kizlyar supreme. Razor sharp and pretty damn balanced
  12. KAK INDUSTRY MR.BLONDE 300 blackout AR15 BUILD.

    Great big toothpick size baseball bats. And a large amount of angry shit that wants to kI'll me. This is why you need your guns back.
  13. KAK INDUSTRY MR.BLONDE 300 blackout AR15 BUILD.

    So guess what? My mother fucking parts are in! But I am not at home to start the build so you must wait but I have picture thanks to my pops. Also therected is a picture of my 590 that I finished up last time I was at home.... I found a few lowers that I may buy depending on the price to have them engraved. Tell me what you think.
  14. KAK INDUSTRY MR.BLONDE 300 blackout AR15 BUILD.

    Fine outstanding gentlemen of Veterans gaming I will be building and posting a step by step guide for building an AR15 coming months. Here is my build list. Build list FOLLOWING PARTS IN FDE: SIG BRACE SUPER SIG BUFFER TUBE AERO UPPER RECEIVER(in 300blk) Magpul AFG GEN 2 MAGPUL MBUS GEN 1 BACK UP SITES Troy Industries 7.2" BRAVO Battle Rail (free floating quad rail) KAK INDUSTRY MR.BLONDE 9" STAINLESS STEEL BARREL. STRIKEFIRE RED DOT OPTIC no lower yet still looking for a decent lower In fde. Edit: where I bought the kit http://www.kakindustry.com/kak-blond-pistol-kit I had the pleasure of talking to the owner yesterday. He answered all my questions and gave me recommendations genuinely nice guy. He also gave me the hook up on all fde parts since he was out of black sb15 arm braces.