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  1. PTSD advice?

    This was quite helpful @=VG= m823us I started truck driving in May of last year and ironically, considering the kind of games I play, I'm terrified of potentially killing people. It got so bad that I started having nightmares where I would slam on non-existent brakes or flail my arms turning a steering wheel and hurt myself while sleeping in the truck. The sleep deprivation got so bad that I eventually rolled my truck in September @65mph from the panic of possibly killing something. The EMTs were amazed I was alive considering the damage to the truck. I started seeing a psychiatrist but I live in an overbooked county and I only get to see him every 6 months. Really, thanks.
  2. PTSD advice?

    Does anybody have any advice on dealing with PTSD nightmares? I've been watching ASMR videos to fall asleep but I still wake up 10+ times a night. I'd rather not be medicated but it's the only option my PCP seems willing to give me.
  3. Commander Abuse

    I don't drink. I'm no longer an admin for a very good reason that I'm content with. What watchlist? What have I done that would warrant me being on a watchlist? You brought up my personality and playstyle as talking points so I felt it necessary to explain. I don't want it to be about me because it takes away from the main point. This is why I never report things on the forums. There's always somebody that downplays anything I say or do because I have a bad rep because some people don't like me and nobody ever hears anything nice about me. It's just like the mainstream media. It's always negative, nothing happy or wholesome ever happens according to the news. Thanks for spam downvoting my comments btw. May as well lock this it's no longer productive and I've lost interest in its outcome.
  4. Commander Abuse

    I give shit to new players that don't read the manual or look up controls or take kits they don't know how to operate without telling me first. I also give shit to people who repeatedly make the same poor choices in a match and as a result diminish the effectiveness of the team. That being said, yes, I do blow up on some people because sometimes the concentration of those factors is so high it gets frustrating. I know I'm not God's gift to man and have never claimed to be, but the incompetence or disrespect some people show me when in my squad or in squad-to-squad comms is the reason I get upset. Everybody has times where they get upset, but nobody ever talks about the positives with somebody. I frequently get shit on by the community because I have no chill when it comes to being efficient so I kick a LOT of people from my squad. I tried. Four times, in fact. I even explained what was going on in command net and 2 other squadleaders agreed that it was BS and voted in the mutiny. I eventually just left because I didn't want to play while so frustrated because I play like an idiot when I am.
  5. Commander Abuse

    The thing that annoyed me the most was that it was only after destroying it and me complaining about it that he even said anything to me about it. It's a show of poor leadership to just delete a FOB that people are AT and BUILDING without talking to the 8-man squad doing work there.
  6. Commander Abuse

    It wasn't that he wanted it in another position, he tried to claim the FOB was pointless and after the second time he was laughing and finding it funny that I was getting upset with him. I asked nicely once, told him not so nicely once, then started to get upset. That was when he started being a dick about it and was why I even bothered reporting it.
  7. Commander Abuse

    Ranger >>>12<<< likes to play as commander and recently has been disruptive to the game flow. In one match of Karbala within 5 minutes he deliberately abused his power to delete our FOB and defenses 7 times thus inhibiting my entire squad from being effective. InchPincher and STARK were around and in TS at the time but I'm unsure of what they actually witnessed. This community is usually pretty relaxed but there are a lot of new players. Things like this are becoming more and more frequent the more I watch for them. and I hope it isn't affecting the size of the player base. I myself am upset as I write this as it only just happened, so take this with a grain of salt.
  8. I'm sure most of you know me by now but with the amount of times I've been given shit for it I may as well say Hi and get it over with. I'm a 23 year old bipolar Youtuber and Twitch streamer from Michigan, USA. I've been playing PR for damn near 11 years, flying for almost 14, and could give a shit less if you believe me xD I love playing realistic games of any caliber and were it not for me getting an RE-3E I would be on an aircraft carrier fixing F/A-18s. I'm almost always a squadleader no matter what I'm playing. ?I love oranges, peanut butter, bananas, fruit in general, and dislike chocolate.? My favorite cereal is fruity pebbles, favorite soft drink is Baja Blast, and favorite frozen food Tai Pei. I play on VG quite often and usually between 1AM-12PM?Zulu. Not much else I can think to?say other than: "Yes, I'm a prick. Yes, I'm sorry. No, I don't usually apologize to people."