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  1. Admin teamkilling

    He has a right to discuss, just as we offer to everyone in this community. We take every report very seriously regarding the server. The discussion finished, only thing needed now are cold hard facts from the rules and logs on what is wrong, and how to fix it. The mediation, once the incident happened, there were complaints about what happened so I did pull and have a verbal discussion on teamspeak with the involved people about this. Errors were made on both sides. Double brought up a humvee for his squad. Acko and his squad was in need of supplies, but no logistics were on call. Once Double pulled up to capture and guard Upper Street (Fallujah West) with Acko's squad, Acko did make the decision to drop the ammo crate out of the humvee to resupply. Double did not agree with this, to save the ammo for his squad. Double attempted to warn Acko twice over mumble to not drop the ammo. According to Acko, the warnings did not make it through/didn't get them before the ammo was dropped. Being upset for the 4th general vehicle steal, Double did decide to punish via teamkilling instead of administration commands. Alittle later while we were figuring out what happened, Acko asked a question repeatedly on mumble squad leader chat about how it was handled and the integrity of our admins, by which HaterOneActual (Commanding Officer during the round) stated to take the issue to the forums. According to Acko, this message was not received or heard, and continued to question the incident. After squad leaders complained about the "spamming" in squad lead communications, Double decided to then kick Acko via admin command. It was then misunderstood that the kick was due to using the humvee and disagreeing with Double's teamkilling action instead of spamming. Now, after that, everyone involved did sit down and talk about this in private on teamspeak. First was the miscommunication on Acko with the failure of Double's warnings to not use the humvee, which lead to using the humvee without permission. Second was Double's wrongful handling; resorting to teamkilling via driving Acko over instead of kicking/command killing. Acko has been informed about using other squads' assets, and Double warned verbally to use admin commands instead of team killing. Once this was cleared there was wrongdoing on both sides which escalated quickly from misunderstanding, any remaining questions was taken and anything left to discuss from anyone else. Once that was done, I explicitly told Acko if he wanted to further discuss the incident, he is free to post on the forums so that it may be put down officially. Acko and Double both accepted this and their mistakes, concluded the mess and carried on. This entire thing stems from misunderstanding escalated from wrong methods of handling. Admin =VG= m823us has provided the logs for your reference.
  2. Melon's first PR co-op event

    Haha, no chinook pilots huh? You only have one and the entire team is counting on you as the only means of supplies. No pressure. Let's see. Since I'm late to the party, I'll take a pilot role on Khami. The rest I might be a cameraman.
  3. Forbid Trans Inf and mixed squads

    Exactly as Melon said. There is only one joint squad that is accepted, and that is Mechanized Infantry (1 APC + 6 infantry); and even in this case, you are not given any priority rights to claim any APC/IFV asset you want. If a dedicated APC squad already exists, either: An APC squad exists, capable and manning every APC available, properly: Mech Inf. squads do not receive an APC, do not have any reserve asset rights even if APC squad loses a vehicle and a new one will be respawning, and any Mech Infantry squads are immediately treated as Regular Infantry squads. An APC squad exists, but currently do not have the manpower to man all their assets: Mech Inf. squad ASKS the APC squad lead if an APC is available for your Mech squad. Mechanized squads do not have claiming rights to any APCs the Mech inf. squad may want to use; they are given the APC that the APC Squad Leader gives, such as if the APC Squad Lead had already arranged plans to use the IFV [M2 Bradley] back at base for a crewman member that may currently be driving a Stryker, LAV, or Amtrak, due to another Squad requesting Armor support but the [M2 Bradley] was not available at the time of support request; and such said crewman member is returning to base to retrieve the [M2 Bradley], leaving the Stryker, LAV or Amtrak for the Mech Inf. Squad, with confirmation from APC Squad Leader. - (Any APC/IFV unit may be substituted within the brackets [ ].) A proper APC squad does not exist: Mech inf. is free, but limited to only 1 APC of choice. Asset rules still apply; IFV's (Any "APC" with a dedicated 50 caliber weapon system or higher onboard) require both a driver and gunner. If a proper dedicated APC squad is created, even while a Mech Inf. squad may still be using an APC/IFV unit, that dedicated APC squad, upon creation, is immediately given all rights regarding all APCs/IFVs assets. They reserve the right to withdraw usage of any APCs/IFVs being fielded by Mech Infantry squads within reason (request withdrawal may be delayed if the Mech unit is in combat, and will remain delayed until the firefight is finished; at which the APC/IFV must return to base or the agreed drop zone), especially if it's the only IFV for the map. At which, standard 2 or 1 will take effect. If you don't want to lose your APC/IFV unit, make a dedicated APC squad or join the properly named APC squad. If the dedicated APC squad receives enough manpower to man all their respective assets properly and becomes a full squad, any remaining APCs/IFVs being used by any other squad(s) or persons are all subjected to be claimed for the APC squad, even if any other squads or persons "held the APC unit longer". Properly named dedicated APC squad reserves the highest priority for these assets. Remember, you MUST name your squad "Mech Inf." CLEARLY within your squad name correctly, in order to be acknowledged as a Mechanized Infantry squad. "Alpha, Bravo, Foxtrot, Echo, ect." are squad names for Regular Infantry squads, and is not a proper Mechanized Infantry squad name. You will be considered asset stealing and punished accordingly if you take an APC with these default names. Keep in mind, your primary role is still Infantry, so do not fuss if you only receive low performance APCs. The APC squad may require the higher end APCs/IFVs to provide support for the entirety of the team. You get what you are given. Any other type of joint squad is void, and is treated as a Regular Infantry squad. A joint-asset squad may be considered if less than 5 human players are present on the server, and is severely overrunned, out-numbered and/or out-manned by the opposing force. This is an exception and not an established rule. Asset rules are still in effect, and if an asset squad is properly created, they are immediately given their associated asset rights. Above this human player number, dedicated assets squad(s) must be created. As with any of the rules, the human player count mandating the required creation of dedicated asset squads are left ultimately to the judgement and decision of the senior Administrator present, within reason. Such judgement and decision will be held at the integrity and responsibility of the commanding Administrator. If an Admin is not present, the default human player count "5" will be used.
  4. [poll] PR Mini Events

    Like hell! If one nasty civilian costs me 8 marines, he's going to be paying the price!
  5. [poll] PR Mini Events

    Hey, that doesn't sound too bad. Questioning civies in the field may lead to some interesting situations.

    Nice, put me up up as Trans on all maps as well.
  7. Good ol' Dr. Mikel. Footage from Karbala has come through.
  8. I was just watching that part. I'm trying to call the two bad guys out, and everyone's just laughing.
  9. Hey, what the hell? This isn't an obituary boys, don't you try writing me off. I made it back alive, so there's more news reports coming in. Between Mectus's "I was instructed to shoot to miss but I'll just spray and still hit the all-important cameraman", Torval's and Opiak's "Hey, I got an idea, let's go up this 3 story apartment building and die, leaving Recon isolated and stranded" and don't forget Galatic's "I know you're still climbing down, but I'm going to take my rope back and watch you fall 3 stories down." I don't know how I got home with just shattered legs and some shrapnel from a frag. I honestly enjoyed all three maps, especially with the switch up in Ramiel. It gave some nice bonding time with the Seals/Pilot boys, and Ted/Sparky's 50 cal. I believe they all just wanted to bond me to some rock and throw me in the water. Nothing goes the way it's plan on first contact with the enemy, and you boys did pretty well. Thanks Ted, really enjoyed it. I really still think the Seals were trying to kill me.
  10. Breaking News: We, here at INN, received reports that US Marines are being redeployed back in the Middle East in response to the rise of insurgency activity around the region. We will be bringing you further information about this new development as it unfolds. Our reporter has sent in the footage from Karbala; combat in the eyes of the reporter.
  11. PR : Campaign Episode I

    The 3rd day of filming has been pushed back to Thursday, 15 October 2015, at 12:00pm PRT due to time differences.
  12. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Got the footage. There will be the final 3rd day of filming on Wednesday, 14 October 2015, tentatively, at 12:00pm PRT. More information will be release closer to the date.
  13. PR : Campaign Episode I

    PRT, Hawaii Time zone.
  14. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Should be fine, I've hosted on other games before just got to find which ports.
  15. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Yeah, we're going to need a private server. Just got to set up my ports, if I am correct.