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  1. Insurgency A3

    I've tested out the server, I suggest the Fatigue system to be disabled or tweaked. Arma 3 Standalone Fatigue system is annoying and unrealistic.... Most of the time you spend ingame is listening to your Player have asthma attacks :\
  2. The CBIS Family <3! Need Some Help

    Our Website isn't ready yet and still in Construction, I will Link website once its done, but I need some In-game Pics
  3. The CBIS Family <3! Need Some Help

    For the people who know me in-game I walk around with the [CBIS] Tag. I wanted to share to the Veterans gaming if they would like to help us. CBIS (Combat Infantry Squad) would like to ask if Veteran gaming forum members would share In-game Pics for our website ;3 It would mean a lot for contributing their Artwork from crazy moments in-game. I suggest Pictures from PR! Since its our main game :D Thank you guys for reading and as always. Please Share pics below vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv By Replying to this Thread
  4. [poll] New Website

  5. How to help out Noobs on PR x)

    The least I can do xP Since I keep fucking around with the Newbs xD
  6. How to help out Noobs on PR x)

    As you guys know with PR Version 1.3 made PR a Standalone game. This has many Pros and Cons.... We have tons of Noobs on the VG Server now and I wanted to make this Post to help you guys help them out. Do the Following: 1) Be Nice and Help out they're are new don't give them a bad attitude. 2) If its something Quick or that doesn't require much just describe how to do it in Chat. For Example ("How do I open Parachute?" Response: 9 On Keyboard, etc 3) Honestly, if they are having Trouble with simple task and instructions on how to play and Do stuff ingame, Suggest them the PR Manual for 1.3 4) Have Patience, they'll understand a lot better if you aren't yelling at them v_v 5) Teach them how to do stuff Step by Step instead of just yelling "Just GO READ THE MANUAL" ( I Understand that the Manual explains everything, but just help them out) 6) If you see them Breaking rules that isn't like TKs etc or Racism.. For example (Being in CAS but flying a Trans Chopper) Just warn them and Explain why you can't use the asset or why they aren't allowed to do such thing ~ If the player Noob doesn't understand what ever I just said above ^ Then Good Luck Skrubs -Cubtheman !pilot
  7. Cubthemans Introduction

    Thanks again for the Welcomes. :D
  8. Cubthemans Introduction

    Thanks Everyone for the Whalecums
  9. Cubthemans Introduction

    My Name is Angelo A.K.A Cub :| I've been playing on the VG Server for a long time I can't really tell, I would hop off and on from time to time on the server. It wasn't until this year I started being known in the VG PR Server. I'm interested a lot into Gaming ever since I was a lot younger and the fact I get to enjoy it with other people that share the same idea on Play style than many other people ~Cough~ "COD". Its been a great playing with VG for this Year and the main reason why I get on PR in the first place( Even I'm Constantly called a Kid and a Little girl v_______v). On PR I made a small group called CBIS (Combat Infantry squad) which is just a small group for me and my friends to identify each other and play together in a squad, nothing real serious but I plan on putting work into it in the near future :) Long story short Sushi is a Skrub, ZZANG Sucks, Lemur isn't FAZE|| Thanks guys hope on meeting you on the Battlefield *Pew Pew~BOOM~ Pew Pew* !eatlead !pilot
  10. Hallucinations... CONFIRMED

    I saw that Today xD It must never be taken out!
  11. Squad: The new tactical shooter

    Not Buying squad if they take out the Huey or if they added Physics to the Huey. (I want to do my Rolls and fly upside down )