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  1. Operation "Red Tide" Part IV

    I'll actually be home for this one, if anyone needs me for an infantry role.
  2. Project Reality with W10 pro

    Yeah I haven't had much success with the windows upgrade feature to be honest.
  3. Project Reality with W10 pro

    Mine works fine on w10 home edition. reinstalling might work, could have messed up during the upgrade or something.
  4. Very first self built PC

    If youre going to run VMs/servers etc then more ram is great. If its just one linux vm then it might not take very much ram.
  5. Very first self built PC

    Yeah something like that is good. make sure that it has your exact cpu socket supported, and if the cooler and cpu don't come with thermal paste you'll want some to apply between them.
  6. Very first self built PC

    Seems decent. id consider going to 16gb ram depending on what games/programs you're going to be running and if you keep a lot open at once. you might need a cpu cooler depending on if your cpu comes bundled with one or not. The i7 i got recently did not, and the intel stock ones aren't that great either. again not a huge issue unless you stress your system a lot.
  7. Returning to VG was great!

    Welcome back, see you around
  8. Introduction. come one come all.

    Welcome, see you around
  9. Hello there!

    Hello, welcome
  10. I need a new pair of pants after this

    Yikes. nice vid
  11. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Sweet, the breacher kit is one of my favorites. We died so many times trying to do these crazy cross-roof grappling hooks... I'll have to learn how the c4 works, I don't think I ever really used it.
  12. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Looks awesome man. I'd like to join..I should hopefully have my internet back up by then. I can just play some normal infantry role, I haven't played in a while and I'm not good with vehicles except for being a gunner.
  13. Muttrah City videos

    I can stream some pr and save the video along with it, just need to get around to playing it again.
  14. What do You thing about new events?

    an event would be fun. I downloaded PR again over the weekend, I haven't played in literally years I think at this rate.