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  1. Stranger Danger!

    Ahah, Blud i came old enough. But hey good to see you care.
  2. Hello?

  3. PR - I wont be on soon

    Cool story bro. :P
  4. Arma 2 ACE + ACRE Fastrope Training

    I take it this was on the good ol' ACE server, Even though it was rarely over 10 people, i loved playing on it!
  5. Dante in the house... er... forums?

    Dante get outta mah house, but nah good to see you made it!
  6. Zombie Coop

    Errr, well you could wait until MW3. Coming in the next few months i do believe.
  7. COOP - PvP discussion con't from chatbox

    Im mixed here, I love playing COOP yet sometimes PVP comes out on top. ArmaII is one here, The COOP gamemodes ( Insurgency, Domination ) are great, but the PVP ( Warfare, Deathmatch ) work just as well, in COOP more people work together, yes its true. But in PVP your facing a mixture or enemies from the Noobies to the experienced ones unlike AI where they all have the same skill level.
  8. Man treads water for 18 hours

    Astonishing! America has some tough Marines.
  9. [poll] Project Reality

    I cant really have a say, PR doesnt like my computer anymore so i cant play, we need to keep our presence though.
  10. Problem called PUNKBUSTER

    Now that is weird DILLI
  11. Problem called PUNKBUSTER

    Okay, I do believe updating punkbuster works. Use the link below http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsetup.php
  12. New Arma Server

    SavageCDN LAN_WROTE ... lots of fun this past weekend - thanks guys!! need someone to show me how to admin the server as well (does it have an RCON-type thing like BF2?) There is a RCON that i have no idea how to use, Restarting/kicks can be done using the ingame admin features, but correct me if wrong, The Ban doesnt work if done ingame???
  13. New Arma Server

    Latest version of all mods on the server? I shall join i love ACE
  14. Mario Land + Army men in Project Reality

    Hes a Hackzor!!!! ban on site, Ahaha nah i used to have that problem. I cant remember how i fixed it though.
  15. Arma3

    They might be Edited to make them look better, Wait till later updates and we will see how good it looks.
  16. Video Editing

    I use FRAPS and Sony Vegas Pro.
  17. ArmA3 officially announced...

    It shouldn't be that futuristic, Rumor is that its going to be 5 years ahead or current.
  18. [poll] Friend System

    I personally don't use it, but there might be people who do.
  19. Tactical Intervention

    It's worth trying, Outlanders i had it pre downloaded a few days ago, then got my files verified earlier.
  20. Tactical Intervention

    Just played it today, its alright, quite fun gameplay actually
  21. Hey

    Welcome to the site.
  22. Katy Perry cover

    Very good!
  23. lmao!

    Its just a bunch of flags representing Allies and others. But infact i saw quite a few Americans there.
  24. total war series!

    Damn, thats just unfair
  25. Arma2: OA Insurgency

    Question: How about keeping one Insurgency server but adding maybe 2 more Blufor squads?