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  1. Ready for battle

    I used to be crap at Pr, But playing in VG Coop servers, got me trained up and ready to face players online....Harry
  2. Ready for battle

    Thats good, this community can change everything, Great teamwork from this community...Hope to see you on the Battlefield soon...Harry
  3. Ready for battle

    %-6 Somebody loves VETERANS-GAMING !amazed
  4. Vacation

    Have fun, and don't get hurt, otherwise it will take longer to get back to PR.
  5. Ready for battle

    Haha, It's like Marmite you either LOVE it or you HATE it.
  6. Ready for battle

    Welcome to the community, Jangman it's not almost mate, you do love us :P Yeah hoping to see you on the servers soon.
  7. Freakin Huge Moth In Tennessee

    Wow, That's huge, Nice colours though. nice pics
  8. Hi, Its IHarryXx here.

    Just wanted to say hi, I play in your Project reality server everyday and you have a good community Good teamwork and its a great server.
  9. Pvt. Pirate reporting for duty, Sir!

    Hey Pvt.Pirate I played a few games with you on Project reality, wasn't in your Squad though, maybe soon we could fight in the same squad.
  10. Hi, Its IHarryXx here.

    Yay a load of Hi's, Its really fun playing with you lot especially in [WCC]Badploy's Recon squad, Hope to see the rest of you soon.