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  1. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    This is where I need your help: first enter a map as squad leader, change kits to a crewman, find a "2 man tank/AAV/APC" , enter the tank or asset of choice & you automatically occupy the driver's seat, next press either F1 or F2 and let me know what happens. You must be in a 2 man with no other troops inside. Next, find a Blackhawk or Huey, select the pilot kit and enter the Huey/Blackhawk pilot seat, then hit F1 or F2 once again and let me know what happens. the aircraft must be clear of any other troops. (I don't generally fly helicopters) I understand it's not accepted protocol to use a 2 man armoured vehicle on Vets however, you must remember not all servers have the luxury of having enough players to fully man 2 man vehicles and although there is "usually" a 40 odd second delay before the gun comes up, you did have the option of using it when required, sometimes necessity on a map is the Mother of invention !!! My activities on Project Reality cover numerous years as many on Vets would be aware of and I do know the difference between a BOT and flyable helicopter and what kit is required to use the asset. Thanks once again.
  2. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Hi Kav, since updating to NBN (National Broadband Network) in Australia my map load time is around 2 minutes or less on GDO. In regards to the asset use mentioned by both yourself & Stark, I just did some "farting" around on Muttrah and deploying all listed assets was fine however, trying to use the asset is another story. Whether it be HMG, AA, TOW, shifting from pilot to passenger to gun in a helli, moving from driver to gun on a 2 man tank/AAV (to use as a single driver/gunner), you get the same warning followed by death "you cannot operate this vehicle position". (I haven't yet tried accessing the TOW on a Hummer so equipped) So yes, there is a monumental "stuff-up" in the up-date that does need immediate attention from our friends at Project Reality, it's turning players away from the game as you cannot access the assets required to defeat a BOT enemy. This is mainly effecting the smaller and less populated co-op servers, as the larger ones such as Vets generally has the man (player) power to over come the deficiency. As I do not play on the "deployment" servers, I can't comment on their functionality, maybe some of you guys that do, can comment on the abovementioned function discrepancies - thanks.