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  1. [poll] Survey: DCS: A-10c training sessions

    if i can get my joystick setup id like to. ive only played for a few mins because i didnt have my joystick at home when i bought it.
  2. as soon as i can remember/find my rcon login i'll take care of it. Like you said, whenever squads are full you can nicely ask, or you can just wait it out. TKing isnt acceptable, and the chat logs you took are good evidence that these guys dont need to be here anymore. I see the Rico TK, but i dont actually see the Manowar TK, other than the reference by Speirs, but i trust speirs and from the chat he sounds pretty abusive anyways. Gimme a min and ill try to sort it out. .....and riddle beat me to it. Thanks to him.
  3. Many new DCS titles

    i picked up the a-10 one over christmas, but i havent really gotten around to binding my joystick and playing it. maybe in the next few weeks ill give it a go
  4. Aloha from sunny Britain!

    hello, welcome!
  5. [poll] Red Orchestra 2 Server

    Ive had this since release but havent played it much, would be fun to get some rounds in
  6. Win a PowerColor HD 7990

    i could use a replacement for my poor little 4890. its still running really well though so i cant complain.
  7. Win a PowerColor HD 7990

    holy shit, 3 fans? That thing looks beast. definately entered, lol. good find, thanks.
  8. Looking for Diablo 2

    yeah like he said, just use lan, cd key doesnt matter then. you can use tunngle or hamachi or whatever and make real easy games
  9. Dota 2 gift copies

    bumping this, ive got 2 new copies of dota2 and I believe Poff has 4 of them. Still looking for people to play with. I pretty much only play against bots anymore, as playing online is pretty infuriating unless you have 5 people to play with at all times. You cna still unlock cosmetics if you play online with others vs bots, so its still good iguess. let me know if you'd like to try it out.
  10. Wilco

    Hello, welcome. I happen to like that cat quite a bit.
  11. A cool WIP: VG color themed GUI boxes for Arma 2

    should find a way to watermark a huge VG logo in the background of that. oh well i didnt see it basically makes it transparent, so you can probably literally paste it on there
  12. Arma 2 Not working after Steam update

    i cant launch combined ops through steam either, and ive heard its like that for a lot of people. best bet is to use sixupdater or some other launcher that goes around steam.
  13. [poll] Project Reality & FH2

    im willing to try to get the old box working, or help setup/maintain the new box. i'd love to get back into PR, especially after watching some 1.0 vis id like to play it again. The problem now is that rarely anyone plays from here except for a select few like ted and others, and the status of the server lately has kind of driven people away. im not sure what to do honestly. if we do keep it up, we need to make a big effort to get it running again, and not just go through all the trouble/funds to put it back up, and then never play on it or try to grow its playerbase.
  14. ACE Training Sessions

    im down as long as it isnt this weekend, wont have my desktop after today til monday :(
  15. ACE Training Sessions

    yeah thats a good progression. i would be interested in this as well.