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  1. Upcoming Event

    Did this happen at all?
  2. Upcoming Event

    just noting i have been experiencing mic issues lately, positive its a hardware issue so if anyone is free a day or so beforehand to help me troubleshoot on TS that would be great
  3. Upcoming Event

    Medic Squad One
  4. Forum loading issue

    yeah i haven't been able to load a single page using Microsoft Edge. my diagnosis is it's a P.O.S Chrome works nice for me, but IE did not like loading the Google Chrome download webpage.. go figure lol. digging its own grave! glad you got it sorted. Murder.
  5. Still a member?

    Thanks Fastjack, i think Outlanders has sorted me out. ill also try to catch up with Semler soon to get privileges
  6. Still a member?

    ill be whatever you want me to be, my hunky Russian friend
  7. Still a member?

    Khajit has wares, if you have coin
  8. Still a member?

    i'm not sure if i even know myself these days Outlanders
  9. Still a member?

    Hi guys, Long time no see, just wondering if im still a member around here? i noted my lack of tags. i'd hope i am. Thanks dudes, Murder
  10. Hosting a map with a Server

    plus i do not have the skills to manage and set up my own server, it's all witchcraft to me hahah. My buddy is getting his Net back online tomorrow so hopefully he'll be able to quicken the process. Like you said Semler we shouldn't have trouble now that the configs are set, it looks flawless. Just waiting to get some form of communique with the Server providers via my friend
  11. Hosting a map with a Server

    So my buddy received an E-mail and apparently we have tried to increase the size of the server over 12 slots (which is all we've paid for being a slot server) But both Semler and Myself have confirmed there's no reason at all for them to believe this. anyone had anything similar? we're slowly going through the support process with them so in the meantime i thought i might as well ask
  12. Hosting a map with a Server

    Thanks again for the assist Sem, will keep you posted. wouldn't have got this far without you :) Thanks as well Savage but Semler just got to my juicy giblets quicker :P
  13. Hosting a map with a Server

    of course i trust you Savage, i was going to suggest giving you the login details and what not. it's a website called Wombat Servers, and they have a log in feature where you can control it all.. kinda hard to explain without actually seeing it. im happy enough to let you log in on that and just communicate via pm or facebook etc my mate gets his net fully back online Monday aus time so that's Sunday for you fellas i believe, we were hoping to have it running by then but no pressure :) Edit: Windows based server i believe Sir Mectus
  14. Hosting a map with a Server

    I think my problem is getting the correct command line for the server to run, but no idea what to put. again help would be appreciated, willing to trade cunnilingus for info
  15. Hosting a map with a Server

    Hey all, A good friend of mine recently rented a server for him and i (and whoever else in our circle) to play on privately. Hosted through Wombat Servers in Sydney so that it's almost equidistant between his location (AU) and mine (NZ) what im really wanting to know is, how do i physically host the game on the server? apparently it's all running and all go according to wombat and it's tool panel that you use to restart the server and do any updates blah blah blah. could whoever sets up the VG servers please just let me know HOW THE FUCK TO DO THIS? can't find jack shit out there on the net so any help or advice would be 100,000% appreciated Thank you in advance, Murder