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  1. Thoughts?

    Thoughts? White highlighted text on a dark background hurts my eyes. Other than that, double the RAM and do what =VG= PBAsydney said.
  2. Probably a ton more work, but could it also be setup to have a 'personality' and provide comments/feedback in specific situations, like your shields drop to 10% it responds with "Shields at 10%, I would advise dodging more'.
  3. Dying Light

    I'm running a GTX 760 and haven't come across a game I can't play at max settings yet.
  4. Elite Dangerous

    What sizes are the ships? Fighter/Corvette/Frigate range or can you go all the way to capital ships?
  5. Arma 3 - SHAPE Campaign

    WhiteWolf LAN_WROTE ... Gaz =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Arma 3 has changed quite a bit. I hated it and now I play it regularly. I don't like ARMA 3 because I have bad eyes, I can not identify targets as i can in BF2:PR/ARMA 2. Don't worry, they don't give us optics anyway so we just shoot randomly in the general direction we think we're being shot at from.
  6. Why do you play at VETERANS-GAMING?

    It's easier to insult people I know.
  7. ARMA III Public servers

    SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... I have actually yet to try Zeus....anyone any good at it? We could put up the zeus missions on the server. We tried a MCC/Zeus combo in the lambs mission on Tuesday and it worked pretty well. We were able to quickly create base defence, town clearing, and assault objectives that are more easily scaled to the player numbers.
  8. Arma 2 help required

    Checked for sheep clogging your internet pipes?
  9. Short notice but anyone is welcome. SITUATION The ChDKZ(Chedaki) are controlling the northern part of Celle, north of the river Aller. As the terrorist group they are, they need to die! They have set up a stronghold inside a compound just north of the town of Celle. The rest of their troops are mainly stationed around the towns Bergen, Beckdorf and Hermannsburg. ALL civilians have been evacuated, or have been warned that if they are in the zone, they are deemed hostile. Mission The time is 13.30 Task1- Seize the ChDKZ stronghold Task2- Clear the town of Bergen. Task3- Clear the town of Beckedorf. Task4- Clear the ttown of Hermannsburg Task 2-4 Can be done in whatever order way Gandalf decides. Enemy situation The ChDKZ are tough ones. The whole zone will have infantry squads, technicals with .50cal and SPG, mechanized, and heavy armor. The heavy armor should mainly be older variants but they may have a couple newer ones aswell. The area of all our taskings will be heavily guarded, but around Bergen, Beckedorf and Hermannsburg, the troops will be a bit more dispersed because the area is large. Friendly forces situation We are part of the mechanized force of mother Russia, which are mean mofos. We have two beastly T-90s and four BTR-90s, armed to the teeth. The infantry are equiped with standard AEK's, some PKs, RPKs, RPG-7 and Metis launchers. We also have supply trucks available with ammo, repairs and fuel. Forces available 2x3 Broadsword teams 4x2 Dagger teams 4x6 Fox teams Foxhound Gandalf 1x3 Gremlin team(supply trucks) Additional info Mission starts 20.00 norwegian time Meet up 19.30 for training. Remote connect to server: play.nopryl.no port 2332 Island: Celle 2 Addons: ACE, ACRE, @TWPCAS, @MBG_CELLE2
  10. WIP: An Arma 2 Vietnam Event Mission by Charry

    Pvt. Charry LAN_WROTE ... Thank you Semler for your work! I want to do a complete new mission and forget my old one due to performance problems. Soon I will post the list of scripts needed wich I didn't find in the internet. But I like to share my new idea about the process on how we complete our Tasks and wich one is in the row. Let's say we've got 7 Objectives. The objects are not numbered like 1, 2, 3 etc.. Each objectiv has it's own "requirments". I take objectiv 1 for example. It says "Take the Hill A-872". Requirments: 2 FT's minimum, Airsupport aviable, Mortarsupport aviable, Medevac aviable. If we fulfill those critereas we are able to go to that objectiv. It's still an idea and I don't know if this is going to work properly so changes could be still taken. And please feel free to add YOUR ideas about this concept. It's an interesting concept, but I think it is the wrong direction to make missions too structured. One of the greatest things about Arma and co-op missions is seeing the creative ways in which people complete objectives. The best missions I've played are the ones with the least direction in the way of tasks and map markers. Having one or two primary objectives that become 'easier' to complete as secondary objectives are completed is a good idea. Secondary objectives such as AA positions, Artillery camps, radio towers to call reinforcements etc are all good ideas, but I would avoid going as far as preventing players from completing any objective. It would provide an interesting balancing act for a commander, as completing secondary objectives is a clear benefit, but at the same time has the cost of resources such as men and ammo. You could easily end up with a situation where completing all secondary objectives causes the force to be too diminished to complete the primary one.
  11. [poll] Which of the upcoming console will you buy?

    Most likely the Steam box.
  12. [poll] Arma 2 Event Voting

    Nam would be fine. I only played your first nam mission (where we all organised into a pretty column and strolled through the jungle as one huge team) so not sure if you changed this already, but I would definitely recommend organising the soldiers into actual fireteams with set equipment. Assuming it's infantry squads something like 11 man squad: SL, 2x 5 man fireteams. Squad loadout consisting of: M16s, 2x M79s, LAWs. If you want M60s attach a heavy weapons squad (or team) that would have 2x M60s (one if single team). Could also consider adding respawn with a 4-5min timer on it. We've been using this with the Lambs missions recently and it is working well in having people maintain caution while allowing them to rejoin the fight later on if they die.
  13. Joint Ops: Operation STOLEN DAEVA: 4th of May

    Murderface =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Many apologies for not making it to this previous event, life reared it's ugly head and i ended up working on my day off - spewin. it would be great to organise another one of these, i am still yet to play with the Lambs and Banter fellows! thanks for catering to our mission needs Ken, i look forward to playing the next edition ;) hehe It's ok, rolf took your slot and took over savage and semler with AT back blast :D
  14. Joint Ops: Operation STOLEN DAEVA: 4th of May

    Wooz =VG= LAN_WROTE ... We need people who want a leader role to step up, still missing some, according to Jager I could probably take an FTL role.
  15. Joint Ops: Operation STOLEN DAEVA: 4th of May

    May make an appearance. PS. What time does it start?