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      Thank you all for your patience this Saturday!  We had a bit of an issue with the PR COOP Server that started as a simple editing error, and you can blame me because I approved the !rules edit, then outsourced the task to someone I've just began training to help manage the PR COOP Server files (one of only 5 people, including myself) and things went sideways with some missing commas in the Admins python - then, unrelated I'm assuming, our entire AI folder was wiped possibly during the 5+ hours of troubleshooting that happened before I woke up.  The R-DEV Alon was kind enough to help me troubleshoot my dump files and logs in Discord, and I got it all back online after that.

      TMI -- Server back online, and that's why it was offline.  Won't happen again like this, making new SOP's and communications protocols among those of us with file access.  Cheers!


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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

  2. PR BF 2 has closed ,cleaning up resources

    have u tried cleaning up caches in the support , utilities
  3. Server down (fixed)

    Srv down Edit: nvm just started
  4. Server down (fixed)

    The server has been down for over half an hour.
  5. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    we just checked and they are the same
  6. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    so the problem is our router doesn't have NAT I have looked trough every single tab and nothing
  7. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    thanks guys we will try NAT
  8. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    no each on our own acc edit: we can play on the same network just not on the same server
  9. So i wanted to play PR on VG w/ my bro and we are on the same network. We logged on in the game went in coop and tied joining the server. It said cd key not valid, we tried changeing the keys to later relise when it didn't work that the game doesn't support 1+ people on the same network. Can somebody help us. Unfortunaty VG (our favourite seerver) doesn't support VPN. HELP