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  1. Can't enter the game.

    I'll try to contact one of the devs, I have made a thread and no replies...
  2. Can't enter the game.

    I have and it supports my resolution.
  3. Can't enter the game.

    PRLauncher.txt: Project Reality Log File PRLauncher.exe started at: 2020-05-09T23:19:53 Warning: Unable to add process job does this have to do with anything?
  4. Can't enter the game.

    I'll try
  5. Can't enter the game.

    My resolution is already set to the correct one: 1366x768@60Hz and I can't start the launcher
  6. Can't enter the game.

    The problem is I don't think the game is starting at all, cuz I get no errors or anything anywhere.
  7. Can't enter the game.

    Have tried! Didn't work!
  8. Can't enter the game.

    I have reinstalled the game using torrent and it's still not working, I logged on trough steam support... and clicked play and the launcher exited after a few seconds and nothing happened... The problem is still there! I have checked event viewer and I couldn't find anything game related...
  9. Can't enter the game.

    yea something like that. Ill uninstall the game and install it again.
  10. Can't enter the game.

    How do you mean I could only do it in the files, the launcher won't start!
  11. Can't enter the game.

    So I updated PR and tried to enter it, I had to login and all that new stuff with steam support... then when I retrieved my account and clicked play the launcher closed! I waited for a bit then went to task manager to see if the game is starting. PR was not there, tried to start it again and the launcher was not in it's previous location so I deleted the shortcut and made a new one for PRLauncherLogin. Now that i try to start it nothing happens, nothing in task manager or event viewer. What do i do? *edit: The launcher won't start!
  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

  13. PR BF 2 has closed ,cleaning up resources

    have u tried cleaning up caches in the support , utilities
  14. Server down (fixed)

    Srv down Edit: nvm just started
  15. Server down (fixed)

    The server has been down for over half an hour.