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  1. VG Campaigns ?

  2. VG Campaigns ?

    BMS server today 19.05.2020 at 13zulu is out since 18.05 (yesterday)
  3. Sorry for the error, it was BMS yes
  4. VG Campaigns ?

    No problem Master Semler, I just told you that I had fallen Thank you for your great work !
  5. VG Campaigns ?

    I was setting up a mission now at 5:10 pm Brazil time and the VG server went down 74/5000
  6. VG Campaigns ?

    Thanks Semler, I didn't know about the cleanliness and congratulations on the work, I'm an old eagle with roots in Falcon ... I don't abandon BMS for anything !!!!!!
  7. VG Campaigns ?

    For me since Sunday away
  8. VG Campaigns ?

    Thanks for returning Semler, the pilots on the screen are on my own (alt + C + O).
  9. VG Campaigns ?

    Sometimes it happens, let's wait
  10. VG Campaigns ?

    Ok Red, we already know
  11. VG Campaigns ?

    I tried to send him a message, but he had a password and it was not "Hello Simsek, you cannot open a new campaign, as it may interfere with the official Veterans Gaming campaign!"