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  1. Discord keeps kicking me?

    Thank you, it's fine..I moved to the US now so I'll be more active in game so it shouldn't be an issue. Good to know that I'm not in trouble though Thanks bros.
  2. Discord keeps kicking me?

    As the title says, it lets me join normally then as soon as I AFK for a bit, it kicks me? Please help
  3. See you later!

    Even though I'm new (which means I didn't have the chance to meet you :| ). I still wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors! Stay safe MaN wherever you are. Peace!
  4. Hey, I don't mean to hijack your feed here. This was the first time I really get into a heated moment, and I wasn't thinking right.
    This doesn't justify the me being a d&&& part. I'm just saying this to you, from me, so you don't think I'm a d&&& person.
    I really said sorry to the dude for being mean to him, and I said sorry publicly to the people who saw me get mad. It's not cool.

    I didn't mean it in a personal way. I was just raging / felt attacked. Which wasn't true, but you learn from these things.
    It's fine if you want to keep a close watch, I get it, but you can also check my chat logs in game. I sure do =talk alot= but I never flame anyone. Check logs. 

    1. =VG= Eclipse002

      =VG= Eclipse002

      Here on VG respect is most important...you did something to get banned and you did the correct thing to ask for an unban.

      But then you react very strange to Binary...out of nowhere.

      Even if Binary is wrong you never NEVER call him names .

      Your TK could be an accident...i was not there...but i DID see your reactions in the unban post.

      In my book thats someone with a short fuse...and i banned a lot of those.

      My VG brothers have unbanned you...so its all up to you now.

      Im not asking to change who you are...i am asking that you RESPECT you fellow gamers , admins.

      You posting me up here just raises a red flag...this guy has a temper...i could be wrong.. hope im wrong.

      Thats why im telling the boys to keep a CLOSE eye on you.

      We deserve all of us a second chance...you have gotten it...deal with it.




    2. CicadaPeepee


      I'm not sure how you perceived what I'm saying as a red flag, I was just hoping to clear things up with you.
      (edit: I know I didn't have an issue with you, I just don't want to have drama with people who I just met/hope to get along with.)
      My TK was an accident though, I'm grateful for the unban. I get where you're coming from though

      Don't worry man, it was really a one time thing.


  5. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    I'm back. I apologized to Binary for being a d&&& to him. I realize my mistake, and I'm sorry. I still stand with the part that I didn't mean to team kill or do any of that, everything I said from the appeal is right. Except for my responses, they were just me being a d$#k for no reason. I really hope ya'll can give me a second chance, I really would like to come back to this server. Would really make my experience on PR:BF way better to be honest. Once again, sorry. (I still stand for the part that I didn't mean to team kill, it was my first, I would also like to say I've gotten to know the game a lot more, specially on the air/vehicle side of things, therefore I won't really be needing much more help/won't have a reason to spam (unless mumble breaks, I should really get that checked out) - So yea :/ Cheers guys.
  6. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    Even though I was a d*bag in my ban appeal earlier (Which I'm really sorry for, I apologized to Binary aswell. Hope he accepts it) . I still think this community stands out way more than others, I can list a few names that were really professional in the game and they played (what felt like) a real squad. One dude that stands out off the top of my head is Grizzly.Wilson and mace#### although mace is a bit tough/bland he's a good squad leader. I also remember this one pilot dude, sadly I can't remember his name, he is one hell of a pilot, he flew that Huey bird like a legend. So all in all I really hope I can join back pretty soon, happy birthday guys. I hope me being a D$@#@ in my appeal earlier doesn't affect how this post is perceived/read. I really mean it genuinely. Once again, sorry for the shit fiesta. Happy birthday ya'll.
  7. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    Can you delete my account permanently? I don't want to have unnecessary accounts, remove my ban appeal Ill just join other servers for now.
  8. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    @major I've never denied having crashed before, I just said specifically that team kill, I don't really get why everyone is moving away from the main reason I made this post, a BAN APPEAL for something that wasn't close to intentional, was fully accidental. If you're acknowledging that I'm new, why would you let me get banned for having my first teamkill (ACCIDENTALLY)?
  9. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    Also, you're right, that was my bad. You did seem a bit condescending at first, but then you did say good luck and showed your intention. I thought you were one of those people who are meanies to noobs (which I see a few times) - sorry lad, you're right.
  10. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    What's that MaN? How do I get that?
  11. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    If you don't know why I got banned then why are you talking about something else, and second thing I never ever talk randomly in chat you mongoloid, I said I'm communicative in voice chat and I let them know if I did anything wrong, and I try to be nice to not ruin people's fun. I use voice chat most of the time, what are you saying? Can you stop being a cunt for no reason, thanks. EDIT: Why are you saying I'm here for training, I have a joystick and I know how to fly, that wasn't why this happened. Sure I crashed a few times but that was due to disconnecting which happens to everyone. The reason I was banned wasn't for training, was an accident. Next time if you're going to be a cunt at least have it be constructive cuntbaggery.
  12. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    1. Banned Username: CIcadaPeepee 2. What Server(s)?* VETERANS-GAMING COOP 3. When did this happen? Yesterday, not sure when exactly, sorry! 4. Reason you were banned: I didn't get a specific reason, at first I was kicked then I retried then it said I was either temp banned or banned. But I know that it's for teamkilling, please let me explain below. 5. Describe the events leading up to your ban ( how did this occur and why? ): So first of all, I was in CAS with vanillapop, which this isn't a report on, he just did his job, or someone else did? Not sure, sorry if it wasn't you. So I get in with him as a gunner in the Apache, then we go out, we had a few nice kills then I died, so he comes back & picks me up, then we go to a place that I didn't see friendlies on the map (or to be honest I didn't pay much to it) - Then I see an APC which to me (Later I realized it's different for each map, I'm new, I got this game about a week ago maybe? or maybe less, but I know how CAS/different squads work, I try my best) didn't have USMC camouflage, but it looked like a normal APC, so I fire a shot, then the second but as soon as I click the second it's too late, the team tag showed up and I tried looking away from the APC (if there was a delay so I'd fire at a different place) but sadly it didn't and on the top left it said "CicadaPeepee teamkills" someone, I remember his name had splush or something, I said sorry 3 times I told him I didn't see tag then before he even replied, I got kicked, which to me was normal, as it was completely my fault for not looking before it, and I know that I wronged that dude, but for one person dead (IDK if it only includes driver in that alert) I get banned till today? Without even a warning/question, or without even the person having a chance to accept my apology or not, I think it's just a little bit unfair :| Specially that I've never in my time had a team kill/broken rules, I've always been trying to be as nice and communicative as possible, and please remember I'm new, and this is the server I decided to go into since the other ones were too laggy/not friendly. 6. Personal Statement ( Why should we unban you? ) Just try to understand my situation, I just sorta got this game (less or more than a week ago) and I find this good server, I click a button too early, team kill one guy, and can't play on it again without a warning, to be fair though, I did get back in the server after it changed maps, but then I couldn't join again, I spoke with vanilla before that last "ban" or kick, and he said it wasn't him. I'm worried that it's just the admin who I team killed on accident who got mad at me then banned me instantly. Which would be unfair, although I do know it's against the rules, but come on :| If it's against the rules to even accidentally once, then I'll accept it and move onto a different community till I get unbanned. Cicada,