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PR PiP Scopes

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I'm meant to have posted a server side script for randomized logic i talked about a couple of months ago, and a few people asked for a sitrep,So here it is... I've decide to expand the scope of the script(s) to extend to a number interlinked subsystems to make meaningful changes to coop, the original intent was too trivial in scope(spawner+randomiser), i.e it's become somewhat of a server-side mini-mod & taking proportionally longer, as i've also been busy with other (more useful) stuff, such as that, showcased in the video. I won't hype nothing, but i'll post the server side scripts when they're good & ready, figured, i might as well go big or go home with it, atm, it's one of only 3 things on my trello.

TLDR; i'm killing time till time kills me, with hours of mindless debugging, when i get time;)

PiP scopes in the Half Life Insurgency Mod were awesome, I recently worked on a PiP mod for Arma 3 & i figured, PR deserves one too;) 

*it's an external shader, using a similar method tr.exe(now integrated into PRLauncher) originally used to actualise 3D scopes & thermals in PR, but using d3d*dll instead of an external process, for the curious few.

*video purposely recorded on a crappy old lenovo notebook w/ integrated graphics to showcase performance, while recording, at maxQ & 8xAA, locked @25fps for stability.

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44 minutes ago, =VG= Melon Muncher said:

Looks really good with the amount of zoom. if only we could get true PIP in such an old game you wouldn't have to run into resolution loss at higher magnification

True, a core requirement of mine was that  'pip' provide superior zoom while incurring minimal resolution loss, using a multiple post processing layers, which is why it looks as good as it does, given the level of zoom, and it is a d3d overlay where the original textures are actually being re-drawn multiple times.

6 minutes ago, =VG= keed said:

Wow impressive! Might this be included into rear view mirrors? Those have next to no magnification and look like oatmeal atm.

Unfortunately not, like melon said, it uses performance intensive post processing to magnify already drawn textures with minimal resolution loss, it can't draw anything that's not already  in the viewport.

Best case you get variable zoom scopes for different weapons.


But  it is indeed like most things in PR,an illusion of an equivalent feature integrated into the engine of similar games, like thermals for example.

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