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where and how I can apply for admin

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so I was looking all these forums and I was like maybe I have chance to be lite admin and there is no admin app for fill up like on :hog,prta,ssg and can someone explain me this

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I can explain that AidFury,


We have a special process to become admin, just like other server's, however we usually pull from the playerbase of PR to become an admin.  We are extremely selective about who joins our ranks as a admin, making sure that these players are active in the game, have an understanding of what our rules are, are well known in the community already, have access to our Teamspeak, and most importantly are active here in the forum.  

Most of the time, a person who will become nominated will bring it to the attention of the HEAD ADMINS @=VG= Melon Muncher, @=VG= SemlerPDX or myself), and let them know about how willing they are to help out with the situation.

Since we take being an admin so serious, we want to make sure that we only choose the best candidates, since they represent our core values and have to carry out the task of making sure the server is being run fair and are able to take care of people who give others a difficult time.  It is not just about making sure you have the ability to change the next map, but to make sure you follow our procedures and protocols when faced a stressful situation and have to deal with the drama on the server at times, or teach new players or old one's about the rules or maybe something they did not know before.  

If you are still interested, you are on the right path.  Log some more time on PR, catch up with players in Teamspeak, and most definitely stay active here on the forums!  Hope this helps.


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