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Change of Theatre.??

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We have discussed this, and it is something we would be interested in down the road.  Plan was to continue to build the player base on the Default Korean Theater that comes with BMS for a few (or several) months, and then decide on an alternate theater to spin up for a few weeks, or a single campaign (as long as it lasts at least 3 weeks) -- and then we'd switch back and forth: Korea Campaign > Alt Map Campaign > Korea Campaign.... and so on...

The concern is that we are just starting to see more pilots on our server, and as we do, we want to encourage them to register here on the website and start checking it at least weekly.  That way, we can use Announcements and Private Messages to notify pilots of upcoming changes or Alternating Campaigns on a rotation.  I think it would be wise to revisit this topic again by April 2018, or sooner.

Another thought I had was to run an Alternate Campaign on a different server, keeping the Korean Campaign open to the public at all times.  This would require quite a bit of research and implementation on my part, but I have investigated it and it is possible with current VG hardware.

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Another issue with other theatres, particularly the Balkans (which I think is the prettiest btw), is long flight times, which players may/may not want to endure in a live campaign, especially after some of the frontline units are attritted and flights become even longer to targets. Offline, one can easily 4x over the Adriatic, but not so during online campaigns. 

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