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=VG= SemlerPDX

Pavillion 9120 Elite Transformed into Gaming Beast

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(I guess I should have got an Evo like Tortia, these cell phone pictures suck!)

The stock case is tiny, cramped with wires, and runs too hot to game even in winter. That's a small eyeglasses screwdriver sitting in it for comparison:

I picked the Thermaltake Black Widow mid-tower for it's size and filtered cooling:

Filtered Front Panel:

Filtered Front Main Intake Fan:

And Filtered Power Supply Intake:

Old heatsink and crappy fan replaced with Thermaltake Black Widow heatsink - I use Artic Silver Ceramique for it's fast, 25-hour cure time:

The included fan speed control had a 2-inch wire, so I used a longer one so I could drill a hole & mount it nicely on the rear panel:

If the Phenom II X4 processor is the brains of a game PC, the graphics card is the heart:

It's gotta have a bigger power supply, too. The Corsair Gaming Series 600W PSU has blue LED's, so you know it can power this card: (lol)

Just enough air-flow room for a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme: (still can't set PR to Ultra High audio, though)

They put in all that effort to filter the front intakes, but this gigantic side-panel fan blows directly onto the mainboard and everything !shok I've since added a cellulose filter to it:

The Black Widow is built! Win7 in RAID-0 on 2 500GB 7200RPM 16MB buffered Drives, the old 7200 drive slaved as a 12GB Paging File drive and archive backup drive. With 4 cores and 8GB of DDR3, this thing eats games like ArmA and GTA4(PC) for breakfast at high settings:

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WOW! that's some awesome work dude. Great job! Nothing feels better than accomplishment. How's it play? I built a pc way back in 98, but I didn't do it bare bones like that.

Great post!

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Thanks, guys! Yeah, super sense of accomplishment!

The 6770 has a stock clocked GPU @ 900MHz & Memory @ 1010MHz;
I've got her purring at 940MHz GPU and 1310MHz Memory Clock.
Course, Prime95 and Everest are no benchmarkers compared to ArmA:OA and GTA4(PC).
It plays ArmA at a very solid 57 FPS avg. on high settings, 1600x900 resolution.
GTA4, I can set everything to max except daytime shadows and I get a solid 45 FPS.

It's not technically bare-bones, but damn near close. That is the stock Pegatron mainboard from the e9120y, as well as the DDR3, and Phenom II X4.

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maan how did i miss this thread? awesome build Semler!

i think you have the next case up from me :) Thermaltake are the shit lol. oh, and really nice CPU choice there sir ;) haha. and that fan control dial is sweeet

Man i really need a graphics card :/ - would a 650W PSU be good to run a 6850? i'm just worried about the CPU and GPU both eating all the Wattage and my computer igniting lol

once again, awesome build (and the pictures weren't that bad tbh)


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