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Community Event Saturday 26th January

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The event will take place at 1900h GMT (Zulu) on Saturday the 26th of January.

We will be playing a large scale and coordinated MSO session with the L.A.M.B.S community on our server. We will play till we drop and have some good fun with some great team players. Please sign up if you want to attend, the event is open to anyone.

This post will be updated with information as it becomes available.

If you are new to MSO please RTFM:

Event Overview:
[Will be added when its ready]

Mods List:

If you are using Six-Updater go to the Server Browser tab, click on the Import Server button above the list of MP servers, and paste this link:


This will add a new preset on the left which you can use to start the game and join the server. Make sure you add any client-side mods like JSRS_ACE or st_movement.

If you already have a preset in SU you may need to delete it and re-import.


[Will be added when its ready]


10 guys from L.A.M.B.S. !yes

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I have to attend a birthday party for a 3 year old at 3pm my time (8pm GMT) but I'll help with the setup beforehand and drop in once I've finished eating too much cake and sugar.

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Updated mission on server (VG ACE MSO Reshmaan 03) and in TS3 channel

  • Re-spawn at MHQ should work now after re-deploying a 2nd time although I have not tested it with a JIP player (it's a hack for now).

  • Updated revive script with newer version that fixes some spectator issues.

  • Minor edits of base layout - supplies area now more cargo-pack friendly, fixed FOB markers, few other tidbits.

  • Updated briefing notes and added vehicle re-spawn times.. would like to add the call-signs at some point

SU repo is updated as well with the required mods (2 maps - aliabad and reshmaan - took quom and SMK out of the list) - optional are JSRS_ACE, blastcore, stmovement

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Already got something else planned for today, hopefully i'll be able to join next time.

Good luck and have fun.

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