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Just finished some solo night ops on the Domination server..got a ton of screenshots in! Managed to the the radio tower of the main AO, and the tank repair station secondary mission:

Calling artillery on this huge group of infantry

This guy was sooooo close..thankfully he didnt see me

Finally planting the satchel

Detonating after crawling back out of sight

calling artillery on this radar thing...I tried sniping them afterwards, but i didnt have a silenced one and they hit me with artillery about a minute later, lol

at the side mission, calling artillery on some hostile vehicles (i REALLY should have just loaded on rockets instead, i didnt even bring a launcher)

detonating from the side hill...too bad i missed one and had to sneak back past two shilkas that i couldnt seem to hit with arty to satchel the last tank)

side mission accomplished!

Must say, sneaking around at night alone is kinda fun
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Problem screenshot removed.

Use the "reply" button at lower right of thread and it will bring up a reply window. Towards the bottom you will see where you can attach a file.
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