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v1.7.4.4 Please post Server Reports here

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PR:BF2 v1.7.4.4 Changelog (2023/06/18)


Fixed crash on revive.

PR:BF2 v1.7.4.3 Changelog (2023/06/18)


Updated time for kit to drop after dying from 4 to 10 seconds.

Fixed suppression effect duration depending on FPS. Now plays for same length for everyone.

Fixed soldier not turning smoothly. (Thanks to Ekiso from FH2!)


Updated vegetation and static meshes lighting to be calculated in world-space.

Fixed tracers not drawing correctly.

Fixed point light interaction with transparent meshes.


Updated AI with Kestrel behaviour changes.


Improved Co-op Support

Added Coop layers

Operation Thunder:

Fixed Co-op STD

Sbeneh Outskirts:

Improved Co-op Support

Added Coop Layers


Added Co-op Support


Improved Co-op Support

Added Co-op standard and large layers


Fixed medic healing bar reaching 100% too early.


Added German Fennek 1A1 MG3 and Fennek 1A1 GMW.

Updated ground effects to trigger for far away vehicles.

Fixed helicopters with 2 crates rearming instantly.

Fixed BMP-3 turret pointing wrong direction on last LOD.



Updated lighting.

Updated forests with new trees and bushes.

Added some trenches.

Improved memory usage.

Lowered amount of tickets on all layers.

AAS: Increased spawn delay of heavy assets.

AAS64: Replaced one Fuchs with Fennek 1A1 MG3.

Assault on Grozny:

AAS32: Made central flags neutral from start.


INS64: Fixed using wrong factions.


AAS16/32: Fixed crash related to bayonets.

Goose Green:

AAS16: Fixed crash related to bayonets.

Iron Ridge:

AAS128: Added Russia vs Militia.

Korbach Offensive:

Lowered amount of tickets on all layers.


Added old linear bleed system.

Removed all russians vehicles and one rally from town flag.

Removed 1 tank on russian side.

Reduced town flag radius and moved it east of the river.

Lashkar Valley:

INS32: Fixed using wrong factions.

INS64: Replaced Pumas with Fennek 1A1 MG and GMW.

Operation Marlin:

Improved terrain on map edges to be less likely to fall off the map.

Road to Damascus:

Improved lighting.

Fixed AAS not having ticket bleed when all flags capped.


Improved lighting.


Fixed several floating objects.

Improved lighting.

INS32: Added US Army vs Syrian Rebels.

INS64: Replaced factions with Syrian Rebels vs Insurgents.

AAS32: Added MEC vs FSA.


Replaced one Chinook with NH90.

Removed one MEC logi truck

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