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arma 2 lea


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hi guys my name is henk , i`m from the netherlands, and i play a lot of arma 2, and we use the addons.

now i just found out that there is a version of l.e.a (loadout editor for arma 2) and i have mi sights set on it, maybe someone somewhere can hook me up

since armaholic is down getting these mods is like mining for gold in the yukon. maybe someone can throw me a nugget 😉

you would be my hero... p.s if you know a great warfare level for arma2 (a.o) that would also be great 

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FTR, hollandhenkie and I had already chatted, and I was unable to locate these files in any of my archives.  Long shot, but I'll tag @=VG= SavageCDN to see if maybe he's got some archives that never got lost or deleted for Loadout Editor for Arma 2 (LEA) by Major_Shepard.

Can't believe Armaholic is down, but in the end, with A3 using the Steam Workshop primarily, I guess no one wanted to go to Armaholic to download a mod, and then click the DOWNLOAD button only to be taken to yet another (quite similar) description page for the same mod with no additional information, and then click the DOWNLOAD button (again) to finally download the mod(s). :tatice_03:

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