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BF2 Editor View - Sbeneh Outskirts Insurgency

=VG= Fastjack


Here an overview, part of Sbeneh Outskirts Insurgency in the BF2 Editor.

The tiny blue boxes are possible ammocache locations.

The big blue boxes (sorry but is same color in Editor) are non-controlpoint related StrategicAreas. Such area's are needed to tell the BF2 ai where is an interresting area or important area on the map. In this case, the important area's are possible ammocache locations.

Non-controlpoint StrategicArea's have no capture timer and get instant captured by entering it. Those areas working like alarmzones. The bot ai notice that a enemy entered a important area (doesn't matter if a cache is spawned or not) and will recapture it. That's the way to force the bots to defend a area.

Simple explained: The bots want to recapture occupied StrategicAreas, where the humanplayers hanging around.

Sbeneh_Ins Editor View.png

Sbeneh_Ins Editor StrategicAreas Toggled Statics View.png



Recommended Comments

i really would like to test this on a locked test server! we need to know how the bots act, collectin some informations to optimise bot behavior. map for map, step by step to get this awsome mod done and stable for release!

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Would be nice to get a small testserver, maybe 12-16 slots, only for testing purpose and maybe only weekend online,  with a small testcrew. No big things like events or else.

I'm working so long on this and was never so close to find the way for a new working gamemode for Project Reality.

Question to you all:  

Someone knows or played ever a BF2 mod with another ai supported gamemode? NO !, because no other Mod - or Dev team (including DICE) ever made an alternate ai supported gamemode. We are the first ONES in the BF2 Mod world.


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