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  1. STRONTIUM_DOG is back on land :)

    Welcome back to shore. Hope to see you soon, this week, online. Cheers.
  2. Need help, PC died.

    Yes I also agree with Sem. I took it too lightly and was too much in a hurry. I missed some crucial points and what was supposed to be a fun built your own PC turned into an expensive disaster. I literally missed a few vital points. Probably the only reason why I am posting my failure publicly is to inform other people that if you want to built or repair your own PC make sure you know exactly what you're doing. Otherwise you end up losing tons of money you may not have and yes, take your time to check and double-check and triple-check. The slightest oversight can cost you hundreds of dollars.
  3. Need help, PC died.

    Yep. I was clever enough to touch some metal before handling the parts but it doesn't matter. I learned from my mistake. I've seen dozens of people build their PC my PC etc. It's actually not that hard and I do know how to do it now. But I'm nevertheless never trying again. Not my neck of the woods. Could be worse. Next week all should be good.
  4. Need help, PC died.

    Aha... So here's the thing. I bought a coffee lake i5. That's not compatible with this motherboard. Nobody noticed not even the guy in the shop when I asked him. So my worst case scenario is that they do not take back the motherboard and the CPU is broken because I placed it in which case I'm down about 350$ in the best case scenario my GFX still works and they'll replace the motherboard for a coffee lake suitable one pay a bit extra and I'm done. *fingers crossed* And let this be a wise lesson for everyone who thinks 'I can do that...' just don't... I learned my lesson the hard way...
  5. Need help, PC died.

    It does zilch, nada, rien, nothing, nande mo nai, niets, nichts... Basically with either power source just one little green light turns on and that's it... I simply don't understand how a brand new motherboard can simply do nothing at all. Don't they test those things before they leave the factory? I mean I rebuild my old PC and the power supply worked fine on that one. So it's the motherboard for sure. I am that unlucky... First the one shop falsely tells me they have a DDR3 and deliver a DDR4 twice. Then I buy a completely different one and it's defective. So... I'm done. Never going to try this again
  6. Need help, PC died.

    Nope I've tried it all and I have had it. I am putting it all in a suitcase and bringing it to the shop and they can get it working. I'm like 200$ over budget and it still doesn't work. Perhaps the motherboard is dead. No idea what I did wrong. But when I rebuild my old PC at least the fans were humming like a butterfly. Still didn't boot but it was working.
  7. Need help, PC died.

    Well I ... I just don't get it... Now I have a new power supply. But that also doesn't do a thing. So bear with me. I have a brand new motherboard ASUS Z170-A, new memory XPG 8GBx2, new processor Intel i5-8400 LGA1151, new ASUS GTX 1050 Cerberus, new Corsair RM550x and it simply doesn't work. Like nothing... I checked with the guys from the PC shop and they all said it's a good rig should work. So what am I doing wrong then? The only thing I noticed is the motherboard has these two switches. 1.) EZ XMP and 2.) TPU I & II. No idea what those are for...
  8. Need help, PC died.

    Yeah it must be the power supply. I mean even if I made a mistake which I'm sure I didn't the fan from the power supply should do something. Right? Anyway guys - quick lesson from Jersans. If you are not a PC expert don't try to fix your PC just have it repaired or buy a new one. Factually I could have a had a brand new PC by now and all I needed to do was connect the hard drives. *Mental note* "Next time listen to @Xenalite next time just listen."
  9. Need help, PC died.

    Well I don't know what to do anymore.... Basically it doesn't do anything. Just a small green light on the motherboard. Even the power supply isn't doing anything. I don't get it. I did everything according to the manual.
  10. Need help, PC died.

    And she's dead.... What the fuck am I doing wrong... I placed the processor according to instructions. Connected the whole thing and not a peep. Nothing. Just a little green light on the motherboard... What the fuck?
  11. Need help, PC died.

    Well today I gave up. I bought a DDR4 motherboard and memory and it's fuck it. So I'm 150$ over budget. Wish me luck.
  12. Need help, PC died.

    Well I learned the difference between DDR3 and DDR4 today. Basically don't order a motherboard with DDR4 if you have DDR3 memory. The saga continues...
  13. Need help, PC died.

    Yes well I can do this in a future upgrade right. I should have 16GB for for now and in the future I can update to 32GB correct?
  14. Need help, PC died.

    Cheers mate! But I'm a total failure when it comes to PC components. Can't even find my memory cards
  15. Need help, PC died.

    Thanks Sem! I will order them, I don't have to pay until I pick it up and I can change my order at any time and even return them within 14 days for a full refund regardless of my issue with them. Apperantly that is the law here.
  16. Need help, PC died.

    Don't know much about this stuff but I've got two types. 1.) 2x Kingston HyperX Blu 2.) 2x Corsair XMS3 DDR3 4GB (2x2GB) They always worked perfectly. Never an issue and they still look brand new. Are those okay?
  17. Need help, PC died.

    Well the new processor comes with a new cooler so I guess that's not that much of an issue. I got a step by step built your own PC guide and it seems pretty straightforward except for placing the CPU that looks hard. So I think that I can order today and have it by tomorrow and build it. Same question for you Sem if you you don't mind. If you had maximum 500$ to spend and wanted to keep your old drives and things what set-up would you choose motherboard, grafics card and processor wise? Not a gaming beast but a fast decent PC. I basically just looked up what is popular. I am actually not even sure if those items I chose are compatible. Yep I am that PC illiterate.
  18. Need help, PC died.

    Well that's where I am a total dumbass. Effectively I use my PC for playing PR and a few older games like Rome Total War and things like that. I basically don't have any need for a high end Gaming monster because well, I'm not that much of a gamer. I play PR and some strategy games. With that in mind what motherboard, graphics card and processor would you choose? The idea is to have a machine that can last another 8 years but not too expensive.
  19. Need help, PC died.

    Well my power source is a Seasonic 100-240VAC. My hard drives are 3x500GB Western Digital Caviar Green. my CPU cooler is a Cooler Master 'something' - Also these were all replaced about 3-4 years ago so basically should be fine right?
  20. Need help, PC died.

    So like this for example? https://www.alza.cz/EN/intel-core-i5-8400-d5116997.htm https://www.alza.cz/EN/asus-cerberus-geforce-gtx-1050ti-a4g-d5259912.htm https://www.alza.cz/EN/asus-expedition-b250m-v7-d5256739.htm Can I do better/cheaper? This is roughly my budget. Is it good/bad? Over the top or under the minimum requirements? I have no idea what to do. Frankly I'm fairly certain I can built it but what to put in there I do not know.
  21. Need help, PC died.

    You're going to have to talk 'dumb idiot knows nothing about PC components' here my friend. I'm a complete idiot with these things. So my power source works fine. Harddrives are purring like a kitten. So unless I'm mistaken I need to replace the motherboard and CPU and probably graphics card. I can only use this website: https://www.alza.cz/EN/components/18852654.htm What should I order? And remember I'm on a budget here trying to spend far less than 800$ (20 CZK is roughly 1$) so I want to try to be done with less than 500$. Ideas? PS. All my data is on my hard drives. If I buy a laptop I cannot transfer this data can I?
  22. Need help, PC died.

    Nope. She's dead. Also when I tried to remove the cooler from the processor I noticed a black spot. So I guess it burned up. So here we go... Advices guys. I can pretty much only order here: https://www.alza.cz/EN/components/18852654.htm I guess there is no other choice but to buy a new motherboard, new processor and new graphics card. I guess the best is to start with the motherboard because that clearly doesn't work then check for the processor, then check the graphics card. Anything I don't open I can return within 14 days for a full refund. Or buy a laptop... I don't really know what I should do. Thing is my data is all on my 3 harddrives. So it does make sense to just replace the core PC right? What decent priced motherboard do I get? What decent priced graphics card do I get? What decent priced Intel processor do I get? Man this is so not my neck of the woods.
  23. Need help, PC died.

    Thanks for the advice guys. Basically I think I am going to disassemble the whole PC. Clean it. Put it back together and see if it works if it doesn't I will probably buy a new motherboard, graphics card and processor and rebuild it with that. That's probably my cheapest option. You have any tips what I should buy that is decent quality for the right price via this website? https://www.alza.cz/EN/components/18852654.htm Alternatively I can consider a laptop. I guess. Buying a whole new rig seems a bit over the top because everything else appears to be working.
  24. Need help, PC died.

    It's weird... It had its handicaps already but it just went 'off' first the monitor went off but the sound still worked. The a few seconds later the whole thing switched off. Tried to reboot it and it actually did boot windows 10 but only to give up and switch itself off again after the load screen.
  25. Need help, PC died.

    The keyboard just flashes once then it's dead after that. I tried the thing with the graphics card but can't find a connector for the monitor so I guess it doesn't have one. It's an Asus TurboV EVO I think.