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  1. M27 or IAR

    Hello all, just read an interesting article (here: http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/the-us-marine-corps-hopes-equip-its-troops-rifle-21952) that the USMC is planning to adopt this rifle. But I have some major questions around that considering it was designed to replace the SAW and only has a 30 round box and effectively is only a tougher version of the HK416. Good rifle for sure but can it also replace a M249 SAW, which I understand they are planning to do in a 4-man fire-squad? I highly doubt it... For those who don't know what rifle it is here's the Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M27_Infantry_Automatic_Rifle I do think it's much more of a battle rifle than any other rifles currently in use, but I've always seen a more balanced crew as better equipped than simply providing these type of rifles to all persons. That, or they simply want to just replace the M4 and keep the M249 SAW. Not sure, it isn't clear to me. Anyone that can shed some light on this? It's a mean gun though according to the specs.
  2. M27 or IAR

    And there's this article which kinda makes sense: https://taskandpurpose.com/marines-m27-infantry-automatic-rifle/
  3. Shahadah

    Oh I just thought we could setup the VG event server and play a few rounds there to see if all is working and mostly just for fun. That's possible right? We could download the maps just like with other events? Or am I missing something here?
  4. Shahadah

    Looks cool but when is it ready for testing? It will hopefully coincide with me getting my PC back. Apparently sending it for repairs takes forever as well.
  5. Should I be proud?

    It's funny because it's true
  6. Should I be proud?

    Oh and Martin. In case you're wondering I do find your rant about the Amazon inappropriate as you live in the Canary Islands - a place devastated by humans - when someone from Brazil is informing us on a home-grown submachine gun and someone from Indonesia is commenting about their own home-grown submachine gun in Indonesia that is apperantly only issued to Forest Guards. And then someone (me) finding that quite funny. What even possessed you to comment? And so incorrectly? It's totally off-topic and useless and moreover based on simplistic assumptions. I mean come on. Then just say something about Spanish weapons. Peace man...
  7. Should I be proud?

    Well Martin I don't see what prompted you to even bother commenting. I was clearly viewing it as humorous that a forest guard (in Dutch 'boswachter') would be armed in Indonesia (which is nowhere near the Amazon btw) with a submachine gun, a dark humor, perhaps, because evidently Indonesia has issues with poachers, deforestation etc. But the giggle was obviously to most I would hope about a 'western' 'boswachter' and them being issued with submachine guns the army doesn't want - albeit I have since learned some Kopassa special forces do use them. I guess what I want to say is lighten-up dude. If you need clarification about intention, just ask. Don't jump to conclusions you cannot possibly justify. Peace man...
  8. Should I be proud?

    LOL Forest guards. I had to laugh!
  9. Should I be proud?

    It's not and yes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StG_44
  10. Should I be proud?

    Oh and the United States is left out of the list because quite frankly most infantry weapons they make and made weren't that good until foreign engineers had a look and improved on that. Kinda like the AK47 and Galil, one is a cheap knock-off of the German Sturmgewehr and the other an improvement.
  11. Should I be proud?

    Mjah... I guess everyone knows that good infantry weapons are made in Germany, Belgium, Czechia and maybe Israel. The rest is Tier 2 or worse. Sure Russia made easy to use and produce weapons and so did many other communist nations. But Brazil is really Tier 5.
  12. COOP Campaign Battle VI

    My PC is still in the shop. So unless they magically find a way to fix it I'm going to miss this one. But I have a funny feeling the Israeli aren't going to play nice
  13. Need help, PC died.

    Soon... Turns out they will give a partial refund for the motherboard and right now they're rebuilding the PC. Not sure how it will pan out but it's possible I will stay on budget or slightly over. It kinda depends on the graphics card. Again the sweet reminder that if you don't actually work hard to learn what needs to be done don't do it. There's a chance I will get lucky this time but for God's sake don't do what I did.
  14. STRONTIUM_DOG is back on land :)

    Welcome back to shore. Hope to see you soon, this week, online. Cheers.
  15. Need help, PC died.

    Yes I also agree with Sem. I took it too lightly and was too much in a hurry. I missed some crucial points and what was supposed to be a fun built your own PC turned into an expensive disaster. I literally missed a few vital points. Probably the only reason why I am posting my failure publicly is to inform other people that if you want to built or repair your own PC make sure you know exactly what you're doing. Otherwise you end up losing tons of money you may not have and yes, take your time to check and double-check and triple-check. The slightest oversight can cost you hundreds of dollars.
  16. Need help, PC died.

    Yep. I was clever enough to touch some metal before handling the parts but it doesn't matter. I learned from my mistake. I've seen dozens of people build their PC my PC etc. It's actually not that hard and I do know how to do it now. But I'm nevertheless never trying again. Not my neck of the woods. Could be worse. Next week all should be good.
  17. Need help, PC died.

    Aha... So here's the thing. I bought a coffee lake i5. That's not compatible with this motherboard. Nobody noticed not even the guy in the shop when I asked him. So my worst case scenario is that they do not take back the motherboard and the CPU is broken because I placed it in which case I'm down about 350$ in the best case scenario my GFX still works and they'll replace the motherboard for a coffee lake suitable one pay a bit extra and I'm done. *fingers crossed* And let this be a wise lesson for everyone who thinks 'I can do that...' just don't... I learned my lesson the hard way...
  18. Need help, PC died.

    It does zilch, nada, rien, nothing, nande mo nai, niets, nichts... Basically with either power source just one little green light turns on and that's it... I simply don't understand how a brand new motherboard can simply do nothing at all. Don't they test those things before they leave the factory? I mean I rebuild my old PC and the power supply worked fine on that one. So it's the motherboard for sure. I am that unlucky... First the one shop falsely tells me they have a DDR3 and deliver a DDR4 twice. Then I buy a completely different one and it's defective. So... I'm done. Never going to try this again
  19. Need help, PC died.

    Nope I've tried it all and I have had it. I am putting it all in a suitcase and bringing it to the shop and they can get it working. I'm like 200$ over budget and it still doesn't work. Perhaps the motherboard is dead. No idea what I did wrong. But when I rebuild my old PC at least the fans were humming like a butterfly. Still didn't boot but it was working.
  20. Need help, PC died.

    Well I ... I just don't get it... Now I have a new power supply. But that also doesn't do a thing. So bear with me. I have a brand new motherboard ASUS Z170-A, new memory XPG 8GBx2, new processor Intel i5-8400 LGA1151, new ASUS GTX 1050 Cerberus, new Corsair RM550x and it simply doesn't work. Like nothing... I checked with the guys from the PC shop and they all said it's a good rig should work. So what am I doing wrong then? The only thing I noticed is the motherboard has these two switches. 1.) EZ XMP and 2.) TPU I & II. No idea what those are for...
  21. Need help, PC died.

    Yeah it must be the power supply. I mean even if I made a mistake which I'm sure I didn't the fan from the power supply should do something. Right? Anyway guys - quick lesson from Jersans. If you are not a PC expert don't try to fix your PC just have it repaired or buy a new one. Factually I could have a had a brand new PC by now and all I needed to do was connect the hard drives. *Mental note* "Next time listen to @Xenalite next time just listen."
  22. Need help, PC died.

    Well I don't know what to do anymore.... Basically it doesn't do anything. Just a small green light on the motherboard. Even the power supply isn't doing anything. I don't get it. I did everything according to the manual.
  23. Need help, PC died.

    And she's dead.... What the fuck am I doing wrong... I placed the processor according to instructions. Connected the whole thing and not a peep. Nothing. Just a little green light on the motherboard... What the fuck?
  24. Need help, PC died.

    Well today I gave up. I bought a DDR4 motherboard and memory and it's fuck it. So I'm 150$ over budget. Wish me luck.
  25. Need help, PC died.

    Well I learned the difference between DDR3 and DDR4 today. Basically don't order a motherboard with DDR4 if you have DDR3 memory. The saga continues...