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      VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Thursday 0300 ZULU (Wednesday night for USA)   06/15/2018

      All VG Game Servers including TS3 and Falcon BMS will be going down for standard maintenance and updates on Thursday June 21st at 0300 ZULU (which will be Wednesday evening in the USA).  Downtime is estimated to be 5 hours, but could be shorter (or longer) depending on a number of factors.  TS3 and Falcon BMS may be restored faster, and we may get these servers back online before moving on to other tasks.

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On 10/25/2017 at 10:49 AM, =VG= SemlerPDX said:

^ This here... 

and ^ this here...

I have no idea why you think it was a bad time to post this.  I also want you to know this is not a disturbance.  I do not understand why you think it is a disturbance, or a bad thing to post.  I really hope you understand now any frustration I expressed above was in regards to the initial lack of details regarding this post.

For example:  I'm about to clean house and ban several people from the server that I did not know where playing here - people with the name Hitler - and I'm frustrated that this is the first time I'm hearing about recent players using this name.  I'm NOT disturbed and I am NOT bothered that I have to deal with an issue or work with the server files or logs -- it is ALWAYS okay to report poor behavior on our servers!!

reason why i said bad timing is because i posted this topic 15m after we had a funny chat on TS me and zero and jersans. they thought i was insulted because they did ask me if im drunk or not lol.


and reason why i said disturbance is because i did't express my point the right way '' because of language again'' thats all.  

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