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I have some experience with DCS World but would like to get to know this BMS 4.32 F=16 I hear it"s pretty accurate. I was a crew chief on them for a time way back in the 80's. Can't seem to find a workable Falcon 4.0 exe file and mpr.dll missing file.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Looking forward to taking off with fellow vets.

I have windows 8.1, intel 5, vga card Radeon R9 380 and 12gb memory, Rhino x55 controls.

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Nice to meet you! Hoping to get into BMS myself soon - used to fly in Falcon 4 AF, and just built a more modern computer.

Still have the falcon.exe after all these years, and our download section has issues right now, so here it is...

Falcon exe (mpr.dll is not needed if installing BMS):

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okay, I've got BMS 4.32 loaded and ready except I use X55 Rhino and can't seem to find a profile that will work with throttle, stick and rudder pedals. They seem to crash and not function. Running upgraded version of Windows 10 might be the culprit.
Thanks everyone for the welcome and I look forward to great times. Anyone got a profile that might work with X55 Rhino. thanks.

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Well, after spending the last 3 days setting up my own controllers for Falcon BMS (again) I ran into issues myself, trying to re-use keyfiles I had created for my old PC.

Nothing has changed, still use 2 MFD's, TrackIR, and X52 with NO rudder pedals - but keyfile loaded did not work.
You may have issues if someone used Madcatz programming instead of Saitek's programming suite to make those profiles you're trying - or vice versa; the key files are different, as are possibly their location in My Documents or AppData. Using the Flight Stick Software to create a game profile is one way people share controller profiles, and can add more depth with different modes, the other is sharing the keyfile from the BMS game itself as the Flight Stick is still a DirectX controller, each "button" is recognized by BMS (or most any game) and gets a number value (my trigger is '96'). Each button can have several functions using shift-states (like pinky-switch), just not all the "modes" of the X52 (green/orange/red). All without using Saitek/Madcatz software.

DirectX key bindings with shift states is my preferred method, but my keys no longer work.

Here is why(from reddit article):
"I found many profiles for the X55 on the Falcon BMS forums. I had problems loading every key file because the mapping of the key is dependent of the order of your devices in the windows game controller configuration panel. I had to remap all keys."

In this example, on my old PC, the Nostromo was listed at the top, above the MFD's and this list is their order in any given system, where top is 0, down is 1, 2, 3 and so on:

(under Control Panel, 'Set up USB game controllers')

so.... in the end, you may have to get a little technical if you want your system to work as you desire.

First, for any analog DirectX controller input, you should open BMS, go to Setup, Controllers, click Advanced, and set the axis for each of your analog items (pitch/roll/yaw/ant.elevation/manual range/throttle with AB setting/zoom) - this will at least get your rudder working.

Later, you will need to map your controller keys to the functions you desire, or alter the functions from an existing keyfile to match your controller assignments.

How I did it:

Opened up the Falcon manual, to pages showing HOTAS and their button uses in the sim.
Opened up Falcon to create "TEST" keyfile - identified each controller (0,1,2,3) (LMFD,RMFD,Nostromo Speedpad,Saitek X52)

To do this, I just pressed the trigger on X52 under the First Trigger Detent in the controls setup, applied, and saved as "TEST"

Opened up the TEST.key in Notepad++ and found the Trigger command, noted that it's key value is 96 and not 1 like in my old profile...

Now, I could have manually changed each key to correspond with the new values, but that smacks of effort....
Much easier to start with a well structured keyfile, and begin editing it - it has no joystick commands yet programmed, so you can just load it, and set your buttons in the Controller Setup in BMS's setup menu. I don't use Keyboard commands in this game when I can avoid it, and only one shift state for HOTAS, so if you want to use Modes and Madcatz software to program, you're on your own - but it should follow the Structured BMS Keyfile in the link below for ease of use.

Better way(start from scratch bravely):
Blu3wolf's Keyfile Editing Instruction Manual
"It should be easily possible, to navigate through the key file and to find things
quick. Therefore the description of each callback is following some rules which will be described
below." -blu3wolf

blu3wolf's Great Structured and Alterable Keyfile + all other reference files needed:

Alternate way: Use the above alterable keyfile and map your X55 yourself in the Saitek/Madcatz program suite

*I prefer to doubt that Windows 10 is the issue, even in this early roll-out. Let's talk...

**life is being interesting for me right now, but as I try to escape it, I can be found in our TeamSpeak 3 server where you can feel free to join any channel I'm in, and I'd be happy to help you do this or any method to get your controls working; it's not as complex as it seems when first skimming through that guide I linked - trust me, it's do-able, and ya only gotta do it once. I just did...actually, for the second time, so, maybe years later ya gotta do it once again. ;)

***if you're new to TeamSpeak 3, it's a voice-over-internet program we use to talk online. It can be downloaded and installed for free from their website, and when you open this program on your computer, you can find the "Connect" tab at the top left, there you can enter our teamspeak address at ts3.veterans-gaming.com

This TeamSpeak 3 program has settings you should review - be sure to follow the Setup Wizard when installing to help you, and if you missed it, open TeamSpeak 3 and run the Setup Wizard found under the 'Settings' tab near the top.

[Edited for content additions]

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Today, I'm gonna edit the keys for my Nostromo Speedpad to mimic the ICP - it's a gaming keypad I use for most every other PC game, but here it matches the ICP layout near perfectly, and makes it able to be accessed without the mouse, or looking at the keyboard numpad, and without looking at the controller (palm rest controllers like this have every button within reach, negating the need to look at it); I don't need to take eyes off to interact with the ICP this way.

It's modes/shift key alters it to work either as an ICP or a Comms (wingman,Tower,FAC,etc.) interface.

Yea, I hate a QWERTY keyboard for games. !hi

here's a slapped together example of the n52 as an ICP in BMS:

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