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Stuff not found in the PR Manual

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Yes I actually did read the manual but as with all manuals there are things that are only learned by actually playing the game. Here is a long list from the PR forums and other sources... please speak up if you know something here to be false or perhaps have a better explanation. I've bolded the ones that either I didn't know myself or think are important to know.

If you shoot the enemy to the upper body, it is protected with kevlar and it takes it takes 3 shots to kill. Hitting the head is the only way to kill with one shot. Hitting the legs take usually 2 rounds. Hitting to the feet does no do any damage.

Always use headphones and turn the volume up. You find yourself hearing close enemy movements much better.

You can hear players steps if they RUN closer than 60-70 meters from you (if there is no buildings etc in the way). If they are walking you can hear them about 25 meters away from you. If they are crouching and walking slowly or aiming and walking slowly, you can still hear them.

Learn how the enemy rifles sound like. This is vital for locating the enemy.

If you take one hit to the Kevlar you can heal yourself with just one patch.

You can reload from enemy ammo bags and ammo boxes. You cannot reload from enemy supply crates

You can drop any kit by holding Q+right click+ then push G -button.

You can still use several enemy kits like: Rifleman kit, LAT and RPG.

If you run out of incendiary grenades and there is a RPG laying on the cache, you can take it out with it.

Even thought you can't keep enemy special kits anymore, you can still use them long enough to kill somebody quickly or you can use the kit's patches, throw grenades, incendiary grenades and smoke grenades. It is actually very common to use the enemy medic kit to quickly revive your fellow player, heal him a
little bit, then drop the kit for him so he can heal himself the rest of the time that is needed, IF there is no medic around.

When requesting a kit use your right mouse button instead, to get:
USA/MEC/CHINA/RUS/GER/IDF: unscoped version or the weapon
Insurgent: an alternate rifle

Rifleman AP, Insurgent Combat engineer:
You can place up to 10 claymores, arty IED's, grenade traps, IED's or mines at the same time. The same type of claymores, grenade traps, IED's are this way exploding all at the same time. You can reload a new claymore, grenade trap or an IED from a cache, mainbase repair station or ammobox. You know when you are rearmed when pushing right mouse button with the detonator in your hand while standing next to the reload place and the new claymore or etc. will appear in your hand.

The back seat windows of insurgency 5 seated cars are bulled prooof glass. They are not penetrable with a normal rifle but won't protect you from a .50 cal fire. In any case, sit at the back seat if possible. Ammo techie glass is not bullet proof.

You can drop any grenade with right mouse button. While holding the right mouse button down, you can aim with the grenade in your hand for more accurate targeting.

It takes around 2.5 clips from the AK-47 to the supply truck's engine to destroy it.

One .50 cal shot to the head and you are dead dead. One 50.cal shot anywhere and you are wounded.

When you hop on the .50 cal, it takes around 4 seconds before it stars firing.

Avoid using comm radio, because the enemy can hear everything you are saying also, and you might blow your cover. When wounded avoid calling for a medic through comm radio as well, especially when there are enemies nearby.

If you are unable to select a special kit from the spawn screen or are unable to request it from supply crate or APC, a player of your squad might have it selected in their spawn screen kit selection list. Ask all the squad members to select another kit (like normal rifleman or the one he is carrying) from the "spawn screen". After this the kit it is selectable/requestable.

When playing as a squad leader, if you placed a rally point, you can the reload the rally point ability from the "FOB"=Forward outpost/Firebase.

If you kill an enemy HAT guy (or some other special kit like sniper), he will likely come back soon for his kit. be ready to own him again.

For close range fire fights (especially inside buildings / covering the entrances for example) always use burst. Learn how to shoot with it.

When playing Blufor: If you see an Insurgent moving with a RPG (rocket launcher / light antitank weapon) or a PKM (heavy machine gun) make note that a cache is probably nearby.

About 200 5.56mm rounds can kill a BRDM 2. It's good to know if you face one with no AT, but have a LMG or lots of friends handy.

People really like it if you have a mic. If you don't, just texting often is a good option. PR players really hate mutes (except Hombre of course)

There is a "Dome of Death" around most uncappable points. It will stop incoming fire and kill players from the other side.

Tracers are the opposite of star wars light-sabers. Green tracers are redfor, red tracers are blufor.

The RDG is a smoke grenade; the RKG is an anti-tank grenade. Do not confuse the two.

A bomb-car has a "turbo mode" that you can use for a short time - it is very useful for hitting the enemy vehicle before dying.

If you back a logi truck against a wall, the crates will deploy through the wall.

The chain link fence at russian main on beirut doesnt have a damage collision on the razor wire so you can climb accross on a rope.

Colored smoke from officer kits has an alpha channel that blocks vehicle thermals

If you frequently ALT+TAB and it causes you to disconnect from the server. press ESC, wait about 5 seconds for the graphics card to settle, and then ALT TAB, it will change program faster and it wont disconnect you.

Due to a weird mathematical distance for all view distances, you can see further on the horizon line at the sides of your screen than directly ahead.

If you are the pilot in a gunship you can use the side viewing technique to see objects on the ground. Objects(houses, bins, ladders) will load AFTER vehicles. so you will be able to see a BTR on the ground before the houses and obsticals load around it. (if you do it right.)

HITBOXES drag behind players in BF2, like a speed boats wake.

A bullet fired from your perspective won't land in the same place as it will from my perspective.

BIGRED explosions go through most surfaces, but you can use some rare textures to hide behind it from any range. What these textures are is anyone's guess

Using deviation, its good practice to fire a round then say "one-onethousand-two-onethousand" which is approximatly 2 seconds. this gives you the nessesary time for the deviation ring to settle back to zero and gives you a more accurate shot.

If you revive a person as a medic it is better to drop a field dressing on the body (this un-glitches the body from the ground) then revive them by stabbing the cadaver with an epipen. When they wake up they will have enough health to run around and use their sprint function for a short period of time, and it takes a fraction of the time to heal them with the medbag.

Throttle on all vehicles can be controlled with a analog controller giving you the oportunity to cruise at for example 75% speed making it a lot easier for a gunner to shoot targets even while moving.

The 1st weapon on most apc's ifv's aav's and tanks are often the AP rounds which means its good for any solid object, cars tanks houses. The 2nd weapon is often the HE rounds which are effictive agains all personel or people with only little cower (MG nests ect.)

Sometimes when your going back to repair your vehicle at the supply depot the wrench (repair icon) will not show. Change seat or jump in and out of the vehicle to make it appear. Also the healing cross isn't always showing when your healing yourself, but just make sure that your standing up looking down..or laying down looking up while using your med pack.

Vehicles like the Warrior (IFV) and Challenger (tank) can cross some of the shallow water crossing on the Al-Basra map where as the Jeeps and Trucks will recive damage. The Warrior and the Challenger takes damage when the water level is more than half of the vehicle height where as jeeps and trucks take damage when half of the wheels are submerged (roughly)

Press C while driving a truck to see a rear view...press C again to return to normal view. This can be useful when getting ready to use a deploy-able Bridge (scroll the mouse-wheel and stop on the bridge icon when in the driver seat) Right click to deploy when right next to a gap in a bridge or next to a sand dune that indicate it is a place for building bridges. When you have to cross this bridge then the its also easier to reverse using rear view then you have eyes on your wheels of the truck.

If you're prone you can crawl past grenade traps and trip flares.

You can crush certain walls using your vehicle as a ram. Using a Humvee with just 50% speed will bring down the wall and give your car no or little damage. With full speed your car will take more damage.

Combat Engineers can still repair light vehicles like a Humvee with the wrench. The wrench can also still remove mines, but they can not repair bridges and heavy armored vehicles etc.

You will die. Often.

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Ticket Losses

Wounded soldier = 1 point

Dead soldier = +1 point (if you die in a vehicle that means your wounded + dead = 2 points total)

If the commander dies it's no different than any other soldier.

Al Basrah

Tank - Challenger = 10 points (no respawn)
APC - Warrior = 5 points

Fallujah West

IFV - Bradley = 10 points (no Respawn)
APC - LAV = 5 points
AAV - AAVP-(Amtrack) = 5 points


Tank/IFV - Merkava = 10 points
APC - Namer = 5 points
Supply vehicle - M113 - 5 points
Supply vehicle - Truck - 2 points


Combat Helicopter - Kiowa = 10 points
Tank - Abrams = 10 points (no respawn)
APC - Stryker = 5 points
Crow Humvee = 2 points


Combat helicopter - Kiowa = 10 points
Transport Helicopter - Black Hawk = 5 points
Boat = 2 points
IFV - Bradley = 10 points (spawns at Juliet 13 key-pad 1 after approx. 20 min)


Combat helicopter - Kiowa = 10 points
Transport Helicopter - Black Hawk = 5 points
APC - Stryker = 5 points

Operation Archer

Transport Helicopter - Chinook = 5 points
APC - LAV (Canadian) = 5 points

Lashkar Valley

APC - Marder = 5 points
Transport helicopter - Huey = 5 points

All Humvee's and other transport trucks/jeeps = 2 points

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