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  1. The description sounds very cool - I will gladly participate! If possible I would like to be in the CQB-Squad Buffalo6 - not sure though which one to pick.
  2. looks like fun though i miss the ironsights
  3. i guess we all recognized that this mission went a bit chaotic and i think its a nice challenge to find the proper tactics that work in this dense jungle ;) i'd like to thank Cherry for building and organizing this mission. regarding the fact that this was a new experience for many of us it went better than i expected. after all i think this was a nice chance to find out whether you like the vietnamwar-setting in arma2 and for this purpose it was proper to have a short action with not too many soldiers. btw thank you for doing the filming and the upload Calv. i actually wanted to make some screens but first i was too concentrated on the game itself and later i even recognized xfire didnt save them when i tried to.
  4. good idea. we should definetely do this if theres enough interest. make sure you plan enough time
  5. Yo Iffn, thanks for the links. So I'll plan 1.5h of schooling today :)
  6. i'd like to sign in. you can make me a crewman if you want (i think that could be a nice experience) and i would do some driving- or flying-practice in advance.
  7. Allright, I'd also like to participate. Again, if necessary, I could also lead a fireteam.
  8. i would also like to join. please sign me in :)
  9. youre right calv, i took a look at it and i am sure it wont even annoy me down there in case i dont use it. thanks.
  10. i am sceptic about having more HUD on the screen if thats what sthud does. but i guess i will have to test it on my own before the event.
  11. i guess i will be able to participate. i would also agree to command a fireteam if necessary. a question i have is whether soundmods will be tolerated by the server.
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