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  1. Welcome VG community! I'm between 3 and 4 dozens old, located somewhere in the EU outskirts and for as long as I remember I was, I am and I hope I always will be a mil-sim* gamer. To not make you all bored to death I will not describe my whole gaming life, but I can say there was a day in my life when I felt in love the original BF1942 and this love continued through all the BFs till BF4 on a few different platforms. The BF2 and and BF BC2 were the most memorable, mainly because in those two separate spans of my lifetime I had a bunch of great friends to play with. After BF4 I switched back to PC for Arma3 and played for a few years with some non-English community - this is the most memorable and awesome gaming experience I ever had. Unfortunately Arma3 has "some" limitations and after a few hundreds of a heave Role-Play missions, I came to the point when "I've seen it all" and lost interest. Then I had some affair with the DCS World, which ended up for me with creating and administrating quite a decent community with a few hundred of active users. But... at that point of time my life changed due to family reasons and inability to commit enough time for DCS/community management (only people who have administer large scale gaming community once can understand how time consuming and ungrateful experience that can be ). So, in Q1 last year having quite a expensive flight sim equipment gathering dust for a few months already and with no real perspective to have time to use it I sold it all, including top tier GPU which gave me a decent profit at a time . After the above I ended up without GPU, no will to buy another totally overpriced low/mid tier replacement and very limited time to play. So, what someone can do if he has no GPU and loves BF series? Give a try to - known from hearing, but never seen before - PR. I don't remember exactly, but I joined VG Coop server somewhere in April (?) last year and this was a bull's eye hit! Decent Role-Play with server rules limiting all the madness, active admins, report system, good old BF2 with some more advanced mechanics and the casual play, which I was looking for and was not able to get from the new BFs or Squad (it is a good game, but I installed and uninstalled it shortly after a dozen of times through all the years already - no clear idea why my inside me cannot like that game ). With all the mentioned experiences I can say that what you guys here and the PR devs are doing is a rescue for all the folks like me. People who love mil-sim* gaming, but have no possibility to get involved in some heavy role-play communities and would like to have a chance to just play a few times a week to relax after the whole day of work/fathering, but also to do it in the at least semi-organized way with at least some gasp of Role-Play. Thank you gentlemen! Also as my profile probably been recently already discussed between some of the admins - please excuse the multi-account. After a year of playing I decided to register at VG forum in April this year, enabled 2FA and then... upgraded my phone without actually exporting VG account, so I lost access to my previous account. Sorry for being stubborn at the #support and a few direct messages, I really wanted to get my old account back, but if this is not possible (what I understand) that's the new one. Regards and see you at the PR VG Coop server, VladMordock (without those underscores! ) * - don't catch me on this word please, if somebody don't like it, for the purpose of this post let's make a deal that it just means "military themed computer games"...
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