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Found 4 results

  1. Heyy all

    Hello all im Pinkie_Pie_FFDP and i been playing on the VG.PR server lately. Im not working at this point so i have much time for games and PR is one of my Top 10 games and that's why i Had to get in here to know you guys as it's more funn to play games with somone you ''know'' Yes you see a pink pony on my profile and well i dont care if you hate or love that as it gives me a smile and i hope i can give everyone a good reason to smile to. I always do my best to help out when i play games like PR. And also im not that new to the game as i been playing PR when it where at 1.0 but i kinda stoped playing at patch 1.2 and Just returned to our Sweet 1.5 patch and well i hope to stay for a Long time.
  2. Hi :)

    Hi everyone, Surprisingly my real name is Daniel, I do not speak English very well, so I'm very quiet like agent 47, but I think I know how to play this game (project reality) I hope Sorry for my bad English Best regards, Daniel
  3. PlayerUMPKnown is on his OFP

    I am an avid gamer, vet, father, and a person on a mission. I play almost every FPS on the planet, and I have worked on a quite a few as a platform developer. When I do stream its on twitch.tv/gaming4heroes Usually playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds these days and promoting and streaming for Active Heroes The mission - FInalmission.org The Org - ActiveHeroes.org The Discord.me/GamingforHeroes Looking for people who love playing Battlegrounds, Overwatch, Arma, Warthunder and would love to play on stream or even stream their own games. And apparently there are servers and comms here .. so I'm going to take my fng butt and go find out more and join yall. #tefelhundes
  4. Returning member

    Hello, I originally became a member back in 2010. I always enjoyed quality game play of the VG servers. I became an admin for VG servers and was proud to say I was. I had some really bad events happen in my life and left gaming for number of years. I have returned to gaming has taken time to rebuild my library of games. I mainly played Racing sims when I returned but I would like to become active with VG again in hopes of rebuilding the friendships built back when I started here. I used to play BF2 PR , I would need to purchase it again if that is still being used. Is that still the most active servers or is there another game ( Arma or Squad ) that you guys are playing now ?