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  1. PR COOP thread 1.6

    No i need everything now, its 2020 and im a special snowflake
  2. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Ok so after the 1.6.2 patch the server is not showing anymore, tried to join through direct ip but it gives me that "your rank is not high enaugh" BS now... well quess ill join after it gets fixed if it gets fixed PS. I joined earlier today when the 1.6.1 patch was live and didnt have this issue then oh PR how i love you and your many many many wonderful "Features"
  3. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    We are currently doing a light stress test on the server so it dosnt crash as soon as ppl join it
  4. About Volod41

    Well i have witnessed him braking server rules mostly revenge killing and this post wasnt about volod personality but the fact that Some People dont even want To join A squad when he is A part of it due To his toxic behaviour, but whatever anyone is free To just not join his squad whitch is what i tend To do these days. And yes its milism game but no one Else acts like him literally no one, and in my opinion we arent excactly encouraging New members To play pr in vg server if their experience is as i described, hell if i met volod the first time i joined vg servers and he would have acted like he does i would have quit and Never Come Back. We all wore New at Some point in time and i personally dont think its good thing To start unloading on New players like that just because they Are New, hell, volod does the same shit To me and i have been playing this for A while now and i know what im doing. All im saying is that he should t get special treatment just because he knows which spawnpoints To camp To get the most kills in A round
  5. About Volod41

    Unfortunately im not in A position To do anything about this since im not an administrator but i shall start To poke the admins More activly on ts or ingame if and when the situation reaccurs
  6. About Volod41

    Hey guys. So i have to drag the cat back to the table about Volod... In 2 days i have been online in PR at the same time as Volod i have noticed a reaccurring theme. If Volod is a part of a squad and gets shot he will ear rape the medics to come and save him, we all have had this happen to us that have served as a medic with Volod and thats fine but the problem is he prioritzes himself over others. Yesterday i was in a squad with him as a medic and the squad leader went down along with Volod, obviosly i go for the squad leader first as he is a higher priority and i told Volod excactly that, but even after telling him 4 times that im under fire and trying to get to the squad leader first he started his usual " Medic why you no revive me stupid noob" Today i withnessed in Jabal ar burj he going down at the bridge, he started his normal routine of shouting for a medic, the medic was kinda new and cause Volods position wasnt clear to the medic he got confused and couldnt find Volod, again he started spouting his basic " stupid fucking noob, why you no heal me you useless noob" As we all know we are playing PR to have fun and co-operate but Volod has a really toxic attitude that affects people around him, i have talked with other veterans on VG about this and some refuse to even squad up with Volod due to this reason or perform as a medic in a squad he is in, and i completely understand why. As this wasnt enaugh i have also seen in the past 2 days Volod getting teamkilled, instead of going through the usual channels of !r he opts to just revenge kill people and this has happened more than just a few times and the admins seem to ignore the situation every time it happens, also when Volod teamkills someone (intentional or not) he never sayes sorry attleast from what i have seen and just in general it kinda feels like cause Volod is a veteran too and a good player he gets a pass on behaviour that usually would lead to either a kick from the server or a ban, and yes i have seen people getting banned for far less that what he is doing. Now just to make it clear, i dont hate Volod, i have nothing against the man on a personal level but his behaviour is getting worse and worse and he keeps braking the rules and seems to lack common courtesy and its driving ppl away from VG servers. I wish that Volod would be a subject to same rules and regulations that we all have to follow, in my eyes he or anyone else isnt above the server rules and therefore should get away scott free every time he brakes them just because he is on top of the leaderboards every round.
  7. Time to brag

    Im affraid to overfeed the gerbil that runs the dynamo that powers my internet....
  8. Yeah but my point was that [SSG] Operator was listed as an VG server admin, also i went to the TS channel to check but there was no one there
  9. Player Meaww TK an apc (me) and a few others today 5.8.2019 around 18.20 GMT+3, before this he rushed in ignoring the flags and stayed the entire match at the enemy spawn and camped there. After the round was allmost done he put in chat "hey apc you wanna die?" then fired a missile at me killing me and a few bystanders. There was a admin ssg operator online but did nothing about this even tho i told him this was intentional and that he has been doing this for quite some time as some of you might know. So im asking to ban this disruptive and toxic player from the server and increase playability of the server once again to some standards.
  10. H8CrazyVet67

    I only learned about this today... i cannot express the deep sadness this has brought to me, H8CrazyVet67 was easily the most cherfull, nice and all around wonderfull person, even though i never got to know him well enaugh to call him friend he was still a major part of my enjoyment in pr and one of the reasons i fell in love with VG... not gona lie, it wont be the same without him, i will miss you buddy, thank you for your service, your sacrifice and your ability to make everyone around you smile. Rest in piece H8CrazyVet67, your tour of duty has ended, at ease...
  11. Hi guys

    You do realize i only hurt you because i care about you right ?
  12. Hi guys

    I dunnat no de way ma bratah, can ju sho me de way ?
  13. Hi guys

    So yeah some of you might allready seen me hanging around your server My name is FinWeirdo, im a Weird finnish person who loves to fly choppers and failing at reviving people as the medic <3