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  1. Dying Light

    Haven't played it myself and I don't know if you already tried this, but according to pcgamingwiki, disabling the sun shadows seems to drastically increase the performance: - Go to the configuration file(s) location. - Find and open varlist_performance.scr with a text editor. - Search for VarInt and change the following to ("i_shadows_sun_on", 0). - Launch the game. Source and nicer description: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Dying_Light#Disable_sun_shadows Good luck
  2. Altis exploration tour

    sounds cool, should be able to join with usual 30min delay if it's going to be 19:00GMT
  3. Starchyduke

    just don't drive his house down with a bulldozer...
  4. [poll] Got a Smart Phone? Which one? Don't Have One?

    Samsung Galaxy S3 here too
  5. DCS: Huey

    DCS: Huey is pretty fun to fly but quite limited compared to DCS: A-10c Warthog or DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark. It's just a very realistic and difficult to fly helicopter simulator with some interesting weapons on it. You'll probably be able to fly some transport, evac and simple CAS missions with it but it's not a powerfull and complex attack aircraft like the A-10c or the Ka-50.
  6. Community event - Saturday April 6th (ARMA3)

    Though I already signed up... !spider I'm in!
  7. I remember playing the F-16 when i was about 8 or 9. I had already played Microsoft Flight Simulator 95 but this was my first flight simulator to feature combat. Good times, thx for remembering. Intro:
  8. Q. What other plans do you have with the ArmA 3 engine? ArmA 2 already saw multiple games in the same engine such as DayZ, Iron Front: Liberation 1944 and Take On Helicopters of which especially DayZ had a huge sucsess. Will this trend continue with ArmA 3 and in which way will it be available for the community? Q. From my experiance with ArmA 2, most of the fun after a while came from the huge amount of mods available for the game, which were shared by the community using Armaholic, SixUpdater and Armarize. Will you be trying to activly support or even guide those mods using your own or the Steam Workshop system or are you just providing the possibility in the game structure for mods to be added? For example, as far as I'm aware, Valve for example introduced a system in Team Fortress 2, in which modders can sell there created cosmetic items to other players using an ingame system, while Valve keeps a certain cut off the deal.
  9. So Who's Flying, and Where?

    I usually fly the A-10c in DCS World with Zodiac on the weekend and was able to get quite decent with it. There is of course always more to learn with such a complex sim but I'm pretty used to most of the systems now. I also fly FC3 and DCS: P-51D from time to time but more for fun. Also planning on starting with the Ka-50 sooner or later...
  10. ARMA Livestream on #XFire

    awesome, seems to be a pretty high number. looks like we should stream more in the future !good
  11. ARMA 3, soon.....

    Nice, I think I'll get the supporter edition since don't have ArmA 1 yet and only have the Combined Operations version of ArmA 2. Also is there an exact time when the game is available?
  12. 16/02/2013 - Community event AAR

    I'm not questioning your compitence as FTL at all Speirs. I think we sticked to the plan that was given to us and tried to fulfil our mission as best we could.
  13. 16/02/2013 - Community event AAR

    Demon 3 Vehicle 1: Demon3-1 (FTL) - Speirs -- 148 CH2 -- 343 CH3 Demon3-2 (MEDIC) - Iffn Demon 3 Vehicle 2: Demon3-3 - Nvram Demon3-4 - Rev From the technical side, the mission felt surprisingly playable, despite the 40 people on the server. I died in the 4th engagement, however, form what I saw, I feel like there should be some tactical adjustments next time we roll with that many people. -Rather than moving as one convoy, a "large" force like this could be much more effective if the it was devided into smaller elements, which could move more flexible rather than seperating it into vehicle operators and food soldiers. This would allow the 'high command' to focus on the bigger picture rather than to micro manage each unit. For example, each 6 or 8 man group could get a specific objective, defined by the 'high command', such as securing part of a town, clearing a road of ied's or searching for a weapon chache. Once completed, the group can move on to the next objective without having to wait for everyone. -Assaults on an objective don't always have to follow the road. Doing so from a better or multiple directions through open terrain from different directions is more effective. The open terrain allows the long range blufor weapons to terminate a hostile rpg team much earlier then in a avenue with trees on either side. The attack from multiple directions allows the different elements to be more effective, however the risk of friendly fire increases when merging with other units. Looking forward to the next events on this scale. We'll get better time we adjust our tactics. And on the notion of map markers: A far as I know, the position of all major US Army vehicles as well as all known enemy positions in a combat zone are maked with GPS in there network to enhance there situational awareness. Therefore, using map and unit markers would even be realistic, at least for squad learders or vehicle commanders.