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  1. Force on Force

    Mods, i trust this is okay to post since I haven't seen anyone else do it. Falcon-Online is going to attempt to resume hosting some Force on Force campaigns. The first will be in there modified Battle for Balkans theater. Slated to kick off on Jan 6th. Hope to see some of you guys participating. Happy to 2018 to all. ,
  2. My "Office"

  3. Introducing Myself

    Homework, reading, and flying with others often = max enjoyment Welcome
  4. BMS U4 Update

    connected to server last night, U4 working fine.
  5. Greeting s Gents

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the warm welcome. I logged on to your TS and campaign server last night. It was a bit quiet but , expected on this holiday week end. Nevertheless, I flew a quick sortie over to a lonely fire can and sent him a couple of drumsticks
  6. Greeting s Gents

    Badger here, I belong to the 20th VFW and been flying BMS since day one and other versions before that, all the way back to 1999, I guess. You might say I'm a falcaholic. I hope to catch some pick up flights on your server every now and then. Thanks for making it available. Cheers and looking forward to meeting a few other (v) pilots.