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  1. Installing Problems

    Hello again. So my return went bad way, then I tried to install Project Reality it started giving me messages like "Couldn't do that etc" like they couldn't install thinks like map or etc. So I ask you if you know any things that could help me out in installing because I really want to return back on the field and play with you guys. - Jacket 100
  2. Return

    Hello my fellow gamers . As some of you know i played in this community back in July And August . But Some time after my Project Reality broke and i wasnt able to play with you guys . But now as i have new computer and more experience from my time in game's like GMOD , Squad , I learned alot about commanding and More how team must work . I Am still looking to join VG , But i think i will be denied due my time away . I am looking to seeing you in Server . And Have Good time. - Jacket100
  3. Hello Yesterday After update there was problem with my mumble . Other players cant hear me . but it shows that mumble works but other players cant hear me. Any suggestion what should i do ?
  4. Hello VG

    Hello My Name is Jacket100 . I am Gamer From Country Called Lithuania . I am 13 Years old (Birth - 2003/09/07) I play Every kind game. I am currently graduating at Middle School . My Real Name is Airidas . I Play Veteran Gaming Project Reality Coop Server For a month. I look forward to joining VG . - Jacket100