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  1. Semler thanks for the reply, will follow your suggestion.
  2. I have had this message for a while, as it happens only on the VG BMS server I thought it had something to do with this server. Maybe a setting on my side?
  3. I get this message and then BMS crashes, is it my system? (does not happen on other servers)
  4. Moonshine.jpg

  5. VG BMS Server Group Ops

    Is this a new campaign?
  6. VG BMS Server Group Ops

    Are Red Forces getting OP again? Been away for a month with work, always miss nice events
  7. Thank you, I was connected but not flying.
  8. Server is acting up, suggest a restart.
  9. Current campaign

    It makes perfect sense, I still think there is something that does not add up though. Graphics show the situation day by day from the start of the campaign, agreed it is not detailed but a rough idea.
  10. Current campaign

    Intel shows a sudden drop in the number of ground forces at one point and no recovery. That can very well be the consequence of the friendly fire incident. What puzzles me is the number of OPFOR planes, no matter how many are shot down it remains constant. Moreover repairs and resupplies are almost non existent for the blue side and at maximum for the red side. Try have a look at the intel graphics there might be a clue there. ( can't do it myself at this time )
  11. Current campaign

    I took a look at the JSTAR replay and it looks normal until around day 7 then red forces literally swamped South Korea. Just guessing: a modified trigger file?
  12. Server down, please reset callsign count as well.
  13. Current campaign

    I have been playing regularly for the past week and would like to point out a few things: I find the campaign too unbalanced. I agree that earlier versions were too favorable for the blue forces but now it is the extreme opposite. Red air seems to have an unlimited number of planes, re supplies and repairs are extremely quick for red forces. (for example: destroyed airbases are back to 100% in half a day) I am unsure that this campaign can be won even with constant human controlled flights and surely look like it has been designed with that concept in mind. This is not a complaint just an observation.