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  1. PR:BF2 VIP Rescue info + signup

    I want to be logi with mikel if possible !rose
  2. Lovely Day in PR

    Check out that dude sexy move lol
  3. Lovely Day in PR

    What a lovely day in PR~
  4. Project Reality Fan-art

    Man... Look at those oppai !shok Bouncy Bouncy !heart Gotta love them
  5. Hallucinations... CONFIRMED

    Lulz~ why would u even bother look at the bot ingame (unless his tking ppl but ur pic upload doesnt show any tk sign) It's easier to notice when u see SlutBot LemurLemur scoring the highest in the gametracker. But even if u dont see he score the highest and when theres nobody in the server u can easily see a bot tat has the longest name than any other bots which gonna be Slutbot LemurLemur Silly Blazer XD !lmao
  6. Hallucinations... CONFIRMED

    Actually Blazer didnt notice it at first and never will. It was me who notice it and tell Blazer about it when I was checking the server players in the game tracker and found Slut-Bot LemurLemur. Damn =RS= Blazer is freaking liars :D Oops
  7. PR Maps change rotation?

    oh good idea. I wait for the map rotation change then. Case Closed ~PEACE
  8. PR Maps change rotation?

    Playing same map forever :( Mind change the rotation? Whenever INF maps pop-up, most players kill their own friendlies more than enemies, round finish---- Ring~ Ring~ Tk.
  9. Apply for Admin at VG PR CO OP server

    Thx Ciro ur a nice person. Same with Vlad :)
  10. Apply for Admin at VG PR CO OP server

    yep I knw theres a lot of admin around lately but usually admins are offline when I was playing {Time Difference} so I'm thinking of watching the server when admins are sleeping or offline. Might be a good idea or not. I mean its ok if I don't get the admin position till I'm more experience in the game and rules of the server and thank you for reply! Cheers
  11. Apply for Admin at VG PR CO OP server

    Hello there, my in game player name is ToughHeartBoy. I have around 250 hours game play experience I knw its not really long I would continue play very long on your PR CO-OP server. I learn some few things from other admins as well {Lemur, Ben, Motown, Warrant and also from the VG admin} and would like to apply for admin whenever possible. Dealing with players issues in your PR CO-OP server. The VG members are really nice people and I really like to hang on with them whenever they online especially T.e.d.f, lupago and Gaz. PR is the best game I ever played. Thanks
  12. Application for Admin at VG PR CO OP server.

    Stark will be a great admin for sure !clap