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  1. SWEET HOME CHICAGO !welcome
  2. Prize Ideas?

    If you could I like the ammo idea !gundown
  3. New Member

    Hello Pierovich !hi It has been fun playing with reaper and you !coop hope to see you around.
  4. New Purchase Help.

    If I had the money I would buy a S&W and this thread would not exist. I said cheap only because I knew someone would mention Smith and Wesson and they are overpriced in my book. I understand Smith and Wesson makes very fine revolvers but I do feel you pay for the brand name too. Taurus has a lifetime guarantee if you buy them new but I've also heard stories of the barrel being shot down range or the cylinder not locking properly or even opening during shooting. It is hard to find reliable accurate information on EAA and Taurus because they are not Smith and Wesson. So I guess my new question is does anyone have any experience or information on or about the EAA Windicator or any of the Taurus .357s?
  5. New Purchase Help.

    Can anyone give me any information or feedback on the EAA WIndicator .357 Magnum? I'm currently in the market for a .357 magnum and because of the price I'm considering buying it. I'm also considering a Taurus Tacker . 357 magnum. If anyone has any advise on a cheap .357 magnum it would be appreciated. The barrel has to be at least 4" if not longer. !gundown Thanks.
  6. It looks like someone is going to get hit in the head with a high heeled shoe during one of the clips I'm in.
  7. That was nice I liked that one a lot. In the second picture was that a Templar in the back right?
  8. Lynne & Joan Rivers smoking weed #TMZ

    I love murderface's reaction to the use of matches lol. When it is time to smoke you smoke I've even had to use car lighters before. !blush Joan is crazy not so such with the smoking and acting but she got in a HOT TUBE couldn't she MELT?
  9. If and when the U.S. government legalizes this PLANT is the day I plant my VG garden. It will be a field planted that makes the letters V and G next to each other starting east and ending west. Pictures will be taken from the sky and hopefully GoogleEarth will take new pictures that year. !drag
  10. Arma 2 VG Custom Vehicle Skins

    That is Very Nice! High-Five.
  11. Time after time Pitn you prove my point.... This is why we can't have nice things. As long as we can have a M2 Humvee/M2 CROW Humvee and lift it with a Chinook that is my wish. Oh and a Revolver.....Not the gold one either !gundown
  12. Late to the party !blush I WANT SHARK WITH LASER BEAMS ON THEIR HEADS. !gundown !mental !drag That is it.
  13. JSRS and BlastCore Visuals for Next Level Gaming!

    If you have J.S.R.S. and want to use hydras in air vehicles YOU MUST FIRST DELETE 4 FILES OR YOUR GAME WILL CRASH. I re-found the files just now and they are not listed hydra/s like most of the other weapons and stuff !fuk The four files to delete are found in the @JSRS-VW (Vehicle Weapons) folder. First: jsrs_ffar Second: jsrs_ffar.pbo.jsrsfa.bisign Third: jsrs_ffar_c Fourth: jsrs_ffar_c.pbo.jsrsfa.bisign I spent over an hour trying to find the file names and or forum post that has the fix so hopefully this might help someone. !hi
  14. =VG= SemlerPDX LAN_WROTE ... I figured out the bugs in my Teleport script - much thanks to Poffadder for the tips!) I'm so proud I could just poop! Thank You Semler you just made my day with that one.
  15. What type of fire support !bomb would we have and how often would we be able to use it? I want to blow up lots of evil doers so this is the selling question for me !gundown