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NOTICE: Our Project Reality Demo / Tracker files are not getting uploaded here to the website.  We are working on the issue and expect it to be resolved within a few weeks.  The files are still being recorded, and will be provided to anyone including public players via direct request.  Send a message to (in order of availability) SemlerPDX, STARK, or m823us, with the date/time and map name, and we will provide you with the corresponding file.  Thank you all for your patience!


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  1. ARMA III Public servers

    i played http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23671 yesterday with some friends.... this seems to be a good public mission, dynamic tasks and some nice scripts inside... what do you think about servers with smaller missions like escape (it will be co10 soon)? and i dont think i need to say this but even if the server dont require mods it should support the typically client mods (jsrs, sthud, blastcore...)
  2. Arma 3 Server #2 - port 2412

    thanks mate, there is a new a3mp version as well
  3. Arma 3 Server #2 - port 2412

    thanks savage, updated the repo with the new alive still getting error 530 on ftp conncetion... i have to use the same credentials as on normal tcadmin login right? i only updated the insurgency server because i dont want to upload all files with the http uploader again :p
  4. Arma 3 Server #2 - port 2412

    updated cba (beta5) & sthud (14.3.2) removed the old keys... rhe old cba folder is renamed to @cba_a3_beta4 still need ftp access, uploading only 3 files per time sux :D
  5. New PC build

    Case: i always used cheiftec towers, they're still awesome http://www.chieftec.com/CX01.html Headset: Hmm, astro a50 is my dream headset, but 300$ :/ http://www.astrogaming.com/a50 GPU: ill prefer to stay on the NVidia GTX x60-Ti Models... You can sell it for a good price and get the new model for ~260? on release (all ~1,5yrs) ... Board: for workstations i always use intel boards, for gaming rigs i were positive surprised by the gigabyte boards. and dont waste money on a "triple-sli"-like mainboard unless you really need it...
  6. Arma 3 Server #2 - port 2412

    ive updated the repo, can you update JSRS aswell? (its too big to upload manually :/) there is already a version (2.1) that says "fixed server key issues" thank you
  7. Arma 3 Server #2 - port 2412

    yeah, some more players would be nice @instant: check your pm, maybe we can play some rounds together
  8. Arma 3 VG mod list

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?172879-A3CS-ArmA-3-Combat-System&p=2619098 (@A3CS) looks like the new ace light :)
  9. Arma 3 Server #2 - port 2412

    ah, thank you savage. the ammobox is working now too. dont find any other problems yet. i found a ammobox yesterday. (random found ,no intel before) i were able to use it normally and "Gather Intel" from it. after i gathered the intel, the box disappeared and a marker were set on the map. on the takistan version (where intel doesnt work) i also found a random ammo box. when i set a satchel on it says "cache destroyed". after we found only the typically briefcases for intel yet, i assume that the ammobox was a cache too.... next time i find an ammobox with "Gather Intel" option i will destroy it and check if it was a cache or not
  10. Arma 3 Server #1 - port 2402

    as were on images right now, iam looking for a better one for the repo, so please share all the available vg banners :D
  11. Arma 3 Server #1 - port 2402

    thanks to you for getting me into this :) and for the record VG Play with Six Repo: pws://la-n.de/arma/vg/config.yml pws://la-n.de/arma/vg/config.yml - its working for the a3 and a2 servers - optional mods must be activated manually (checkbox) - nothing else to do, just click and play
  12. ACE Insurgency Dingor

    PWS is really nice :) VG Play with Six Repo: pws://la-n.de/arma/vg/config.yml pws://la-n.de/arma/vg/config.yml - its working for the a3 and a2 servers - optional mods must be activated manually (checkbox) - nothing else to do, just click and play
  13. Dayz Firing squad

    some screenshots of our 4th advent tour: https://www.wuala.com/ReVoL/share/global/Screenshots/DayZ @lupago: if you liked the dayzmod and you can live without vehicles and tents (for now) just go for it. got already 40 (mostly fun) hours on this game right now, thats worth the 24? :D
  14. The total Blackout (No electricity) or loss of other services like water or gas
  15. Dead Nation / DayZ on Altis

    DeadNation.eu Its a ported DayZ for ARMA 3. alot of fun to discover altis the survivor way ;)
  16. Dead Nation / DayZ on Altis

    Update: More Servers available! 2 EU and 1 US Server
  17. Altis exploration tour

    checkout this missiom from the steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=173236597 there are some locations of sunken ships and caves marked on it
  18. Altis exploration tour

    yep, sounds good, in
  19. =VG= Arma3 Alpha Server

    Preparing for Altis on Google Maps ;) I dont realized so far that Stratis (Agios Efstratios) is the island to the south of Altis (Limnos) https://www.google.com/maps/preview#!data=!1m4!1m3!1d440568!2d25.1701691!3d39.7231665!2m1!1e3&fid=7 So i made some pictures from arma and compared them to the reality... awesome ;)
  20. Arma 2 ACE Multi-Session Operations thread

    play withSIX VG MSO Tutorial just a quick write down... any additions? post it! ;) Start play withSIX Select GAME menu (1) Arma II Combined Ops! Select ACR (2) (if you don?t have ACR you need to use the acrlite mod!) ---- Select MOD menu (1) ------ Search for Mods (1) Select Mod (2) Add selected (3) You will need these Mods: @ACE; @ACEX; @ACEX_USNavy; @ACEX_RU; @ACRE; @CBA_CO; @JayArma2Lib; @sthud; @st_interact; Recommended but not needed: @Blastcore_visuals @JSRS; @JSRS_ACE ! OR ! @ACEX_SM ----- A new preset ?Custom set? were created (*) Should look like this (1) Install (or update) them (2) (Accept any Popups ;) ) ------ Select SERVER menu (1) Filter for veterans-gaming server (2) (you will only see server that allows your mods!) ---- Select the ACE MSO Server (1) Join the Game (2) ----- If the server password changes you have to edit your server settings Goto server info (1) Enter the new password (2)
  21. World War Two Weekend

    yay, sounds nice +1 for acre =VG= OniBlood LAN_WROTE ... I would be fine with ACRE but mine inst working again unless someone has the right version of TS3 so I can revert. which version are you using? iam on (x64) with acre 1.4.10 and its working normal
  22. [poll] Got a Smart Phone? Which one? Don't Have One?

    HTC Desire Z ( > 2 years old, but no new android with hardware keyboard available :/ )
  23. FreeTrackNoIR

    Heyho, i just want to "revive" this post because there is a new version of the factracknoir with a lot improvements. http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/ i am using it with the ps3 cam (60 fps), but i also tested it with a nromal 30 fps webcam. after some configuration its working very well and iam very happy about it. here is a video with a comparsion to the real trackir: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNvPvxiSNKo here is my config (i disabled the zooming function) [Tracking]<br />Smooth=1<br />invertYaw=false<br />invertPitch=true<br />invertRoll=false<br />invertX=true<br />invertY=false<br />invertZ=false<br /><br />[GameProtocol]<br />DLL=FTNoIR_Protocol_FT.dll<br />Selection=2<br /><br />[KB_Shortcuts]<br />Keycode_Center=199<br />Shift_Center=false<br />Ctrl_Center=false<br />Alt_Center=false<br />Keycode_StartStop=207<br />Shift_StartStop=false<br />Ctrl_StartStop=false<br />Alt_StartStop=false<br />MouseKey_Center=0<br />Disable_Beep=false<br />MouseKey_GameZero=0<br />Keycode_GameZero=201<br />Shift_GameZero=false<br />Ctrl_GameZero=false<br />Alt_GameZero=false<br />MouseKey_StartStop=0<br />SetZero=true<br />SetEngineStop=true<br />MouseKey_Inhibit=0<br />Keycode_Inhibit=0<br />Shift_Inhibit=false<br />Ctrl_Inhibit=false<br />Alt_Inhibit=false<br />Inhibit_Pitch=false<br />Inhibit_Yaw=false<br />Inhibit_Roll=false<br />Inhibit_X=false<br />Inhibit_Y=false<br />Inhibit_Z=false<br />Enable_ReverseAxis=false<br />RA_Yaw=40<br />RA_ZPos=-20<br />RA_ToZPos=50<br /><br />[PPJoy]<br />Selection=1<br /><br />[FSUIPC]<br />LocationOfDLL=C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9/Modules/FSUIPC.dll<br /><br />[TrackerSource]<br />Selection=2<br />DLL=FTNoIR_Tracker_SM.dll<br />2ndDLL=None<br /><br />[Curves-Yaw]<br />point-count=2<br />point-0-x=25<br />point-0-y=90<br />point-1-x=50<br />point-1-y=180<br /><br />[Curves-PitchUp]<br />point-count=1<br />point-0-x=35.25<br />point-0-y=86<br /><br />[Curves-PitchDown]<br />point-count=1<br />point-0-x=27<br />point-0-y=50.5<br /><br />[Curves-Roll]<br />point-count=1<br />point-0-x=26.25<br />point-0-y=49<br /><br />[Curves-X]<br />point-count=2<br />point-0-x=25<br />point-0-y=90<br />point-1-x=50<br />point-1-y=180<br /><br />[Curves-Y]<br />point-count=2<br />point-0-x=25<br />point-0-y=90<br />point-1-x=50<br />point-1-y=180<br /><br />[Curves-Z]<br />point-count=2<br />point-0-x=25<br />point-0-y=90<br />point-1-x=50<br />point-1-y=180<br /><br />[Filter]<br />DLL=FTNoIR_Filter_Accela.dll<br /><br />[SMTracker]<br />FilterLevel=2<br />EnableRoll=false<br />EnablePitch=true<br />EnableYaw=true<br />EnableX=true<br />EnableY=true<br />EnableZ=false<br /><br />[Accela]<br />Reduction=100<br /><br />[Curves-Accela-Scaling-Rotatio%ADn]<br />point-count=7<br />point-0-x=0<br />point-0-y=0<br />point-1-x=0.308900535106659<br />point-1-y=0.0666666701436043<br />point-2-x=0.759162306785583<br />point-2-y=0.306666672229767<br />point-3-x=1.10471200942993<br />point-3-y=0.826666653156281<br />point-4-x=1.49738216400146<br />point-4-y=2.01333332061768<br />point-5-x=1.83246076107025<br />point-5-y=4.18666648864746<br />point-6-x=1.92146599292755<br />point-6-y=6<br /><br />[Curves-Accela-Scaling-Translation]<br />point-count=10<br />point-0-x=0<br />point-0-y=0<br />point-1-x=0.282722513089005<br />point-1-y=0.08<br />point-2-x=0.492146596858639<br />point-2-y=0.306666666666667<br />point-3-x=0.764397905759162<br />point-3-y=0.84<br />point-4-x=1.00523560209424<br />point-4-y=1.62666666666667<br />point-5-x=1.17277486910995<br />point-5-y=2.78666666666667<br />point-6-x=1.25130890052356<br />point-6-y=3.6<br />point-7-x=1.31937172774869<br />point-7-y=4.29333333333333<br />point-8-x=1.38219895287958<br />point-8-y=4.90666666666667<br />point-9-x=1.43455497382199<br />point-9-y=5.65333333333333<br /><br />[FT]<br />UsedInterface=2<br /><br />[FTIR]<br />useTIRViews=false<br />useDummyExe=true<br /><br />[FTN]<br />IP-1=127<br />IP-2=0<br />IP-3=0<br />IP-4=1<br />PortNumber=5550<br />
  24. Community event - Saturday April 6th (ARMA3)

    in (better late then never)
  25. i will try to be there