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  1. Mug Shots!

    That is an icp made from Redneck at http://www.viperpits.org. He is from the Netherlands I believe. All plug and play usb he makes them him self. $325. Viperpit has a ton of great F-16 enthusiasts that make home built cockpits and we share either others ideas and parts. Also take a chance to visit another friend of mine from Poland who makes great cockpits for a pretty good price at https://viperwing.com/. Hope it was ok to advertise. Wasn't sure if it is allowed on the site.
  2. Mug Shots!

    Here is my ugly mug and my little cockpit
  3. Squad

    My system specs are: I7 4790K OC'd 4.4 Nvidia GTX1070 8gb Video 12 gig ram dual SSD 250gig HD Creative Soundblaster Z sound card MSI Gaming Z87 mobo Windows 10 Cooler Master 690II full tower case 27" AOC Monitor 22" Viewsonic touch screen Going from an AMD 955 to the I7, HD 7970 to GTX1070 and SSD's made a huuuuge difference.
  4. Squad

    I have never had any screen freezes with Squad since I had it. It's also getting updated every couple of months with new maps and vehicles. I see Squad as PR on steroids and think it's much better graphics and game play wise. I like that it uses the same type of team approach as PR when it comes to building FOBs, bags, equipment, etc. Every couple months it also goes on sale. I got it for $25 earlier in the year. I would highly recommend the game for Vet Gaming.
  5. Bottom86's Passing

    Thanks Jamie. R.I.P and God Speed and sorry for your loss. He sounded like a great guy.
  6. Battlefield 4

    I got it. Bit of a learning curve vs bf3
  7. WIP - Mounting my Thrustmaster MFD's to a Second Monitor

    If you are keeping them on monitor I used sticky velcro for mine and I'm using them on a 22" touchscreen with Helios software. Works really well and I have my ICP, RWR, DED and Many of the intruments on as well.
  8. PR co-op event 18. May

    I'll try to get in there.
  9. Failed to connect to server

    nevermind was missing a digit.
  10. Failed to connect to server

    Server down today? I cant connect and was able to last week.
  11. Falcon 4 Update 5 RELEASED!!!!!!!!

    Get it here: http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?14649-Falcon-BMS-4-32-Update-5
  12. Hello guys im new around here and just wanted to say hi

    Welcome Marshall. Good group of fellas here.
  13. War Thunder anyone have it?

    The graphics are amazing. Even better than Falcon or DCS. The game is still in beta phase but it's free!! You can buy extras for it vs earning stuff but its alot of fun. The ground battles and flying planes in realistic mode is not setup yet but arcade is and it's not bad. If we get alot of guys that have it maybe we can get it's own thread on it. http://warthunder.com/en/play-for-free?r=glispa14
  14. Community event - Saturday April 6th (ARMA3)

    I'll try to make it. Sounds like fun.