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  1. WOW

    I tried the ramp start training...... WOW.
  2. Gamer Tags

    Bean316MC - PS3 Bean316 - XBox
  3. Curious

    Well I certainly am not in tournament condition.. I havent played games in quite some time. I was just curious.. If not I will certainly not be upset I enjoy coop!
  4. windows 8

    If I knew anything about Linux I would probably explore it... Unfortunately I am not as well versed as most who are into it.
  5. Forums/Website

    I have to say I really like these forums... very well thought out very organized. Actually I have to say this about the entire site.. Great job!
  6. WOW

    I just downloaded this and put it on my PC... HOLY COW this thing is technical!! I love flight sims... Not sure I will EVER be good at this but certainly am interested in playing if someone wouldnt mind showing me the ropes sometime.. BTW saw the Youtube vids.. GREAT stuff!
  7. Curious

    Do we do any game tournaments?
  8. windows 8

    I love windows 7... I will probably do with 7 what I did with XP and that is run it until its absolutely ancient. Just recently came to windows 7. F Vista.
  9. Bad accident

    Wow thats crazy!
  10. Checking In! HeadShot_Kill_Bill

    I like that avatar Bill LOL
  11. Long time ago

    This sadly is a major problem for clans... My previous clan which involved Vicious and Orion suffered the same fate. We started playing one game but slowly drifted to other games then suddenly no one was ever on doing the same thing.. People lost interest and before we knew it we had fallen apart.
  12. Orions downfall.

    He needs to hurry up and get back online!
  13. Quick intro

    Thanks everyone! I am glad to be here!
  14. Quick intro

    Thanks!! Hope to game with everyone soon!
  15. Quick intro

    Hey guys just wanted to hop on and intro my self. My name is Shane Call sign "Bean" I have been MIA from gaming for a while due to life issues... rig issues... and just general worldly BS. I have found my way back and was led to this site by Orion. I hope to get on and meet some new people and get back into the swing of things.. My games currently are all of the BF games and from time to time Left for Dead 2. Thanks!