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      VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Monday, November 2nd 2020   10/23/2020

      All VG Game Servers including TS3 will be going down for standard maintenance and updates on Monday November 2nd, 2020.  The Falcon BMS Server will go down as well, but for a shorter period (less work there) - any pilots flying at the time will be asked for ETA of RTB, and server will be saved after they land and before shutdown.   Downtime is estimated to be less than 4 hours, but could be shorter (or as long as 8 hours) depending on a number of factors.  TS3 may come back online, only to go back offline shortly after, so expect this until it is announced to be completed.  Please consider the VG Discord Server's Voice Channels as an alternative to TeamSpeak 3 if it goes down on you and your friends.
      Request any technical help in the VG Discord from Nyther (aka 8-bit).  Cheers!


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  1. Gaz

    SavageCDN LAN_WROTE ... Welcome to =VG= !cheers Not sure about anyone else but I got a PM for each reply to this thread including a PM with Gaz' profile info?? Strange.... !dntknw You should have a PM explaining this.
  2. Gaz

    GAZ, OMG good to see you joining the forums man, Had some good games with you in my squad
  3. ARMA vs. Battlefield 2: Project Reality

    I don't recommend torrents for the game, They have introduced a security measure which makes the game go all wavy and you cant see anything.
  4. Tactical Intervention

    I grabbed one use of your code.
  5. Screenshots

    Dman the building collapsed just like our ACE game. Jager Hmmm, I cant see why they would be critical about that landing -EDIT- Sorry about my image, it wasn't supposed to come out like that.
  6. A little help please [Arma2]

    Hmm I don't know, are you using any Sound Mods/ Client side Addons
  7. Hello from Soul

    Hey welcome to the site
  8. show off your rig!!

    Semler didnt know you was someone like that, thought you would be 'normal' hehe
  9. Basic Squad Formation

    I knew most of the formations already, due to being a Army Cadet, but putting it into games is always fun
  10. new PunkBuster problem HELP!

    Okay, not needed /Locked
  11. path to STEAMs BF2 files when downloading PR

    Hes helping people with BF2 Steam, who want PR i guess
  12. Arma 2 Screenshot thread.

    Dman, the good ol white phosphorous, Just dont throw it too close
  13. Insurgency edited for =VG=

    PITN LAN_WROTE ... They all have OPFOR slots. During a map restart you can change the paramters to allow OPFOR. My edit is set up by default so they can't play as OPFOR. If they choose OPFOR they are just stuck in no-man's land. Ahhh i see.
  14. Insurgency edited for =VG=

    The US versions of Insurgency have Opfor slots, while the BAF versions don't. Was the intention to have OpFor slots on US versions or have they just not been removed yet?
  15. ENTER

    If you want a good sound mod VopSound is quite good, I use it
  16. [moved] Member pic thread

    BLuD, your Picture looks kinda like a computer sketch, or maybe thats just me.
  17. [moved] Member pic thread

    Looks like its been drawn on a computer
  18. [moved] Member pic thread

    You just know its a good picture ;)
  19. Hi everybody !

    Arma2 + Arrowhead will come in useful ,we have servers running on them
  20. What Do You Fly?

    I take it you like Tanks? :D Jokes Nice setup man
  21. MikeD

    MikeDe LAN_WROTE ... i did not see a member pic thread so ill add mine here you the one with the funny hat??
  22. hi ya!, caesar/emperor/kaiser/keizari is enlisting.

    New school always wins ;) Welcome
  23. Armed Forces Day

    Today is the day that Us Brit's Honour are Armed Forces, with events up and down the country, it is a day worth waiting for... http://www.armedforcesday.org.uk/ I know most of the Community is not British but it doesn't mean we can't pay tribute to other Military's. R.I.P all those that have fallen and Stay safe those fighting now....Harry (( Army Cadet. Cdt.Martin ))
  24. Arma2: Reinforcements

    Armaholic link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13585 Michal Harangozó from Sprocket informed us the new expansion pack Arma 2 Reinforcements will hit the shelves in the beginning of April 2011. Arma 2 Reinforcements contains the previous released DLC's Arma 2 : BAF and Arma 2 : PMC. Arma 2: Reinforcements brings two independent factions ? British Armed Forces and Private Military Company ? onto one DVD. Play it separately in non-linear campaign or join friends in multiplayer battles with up to 50 players and hundreds of AI units. Find out the sequential dramatic events of Takistan, originally described in Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. Deploy a mechanized division of British Armed Forces sent to reinforce Coalition troops battling a large-scale outbreak of Guerrilla insurgency, or join the Private Military Company, contracted to protect a UN weapons inspection team in Takistan.
  25. PR:Arma2 Podcast

    Forum link to Podcast: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/95393-reality-studios-podcast-1-a.html#post1557981