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  1. airbats801 from fh2 saying hi

    Windows 2000 wow that's ancient. Anyway Welcome
  2. My Gaming Chair Broke!

    Those years must of worn the metal down alot then.
  3. My Gaming Chair Broke!

    Hell is a Chinese Swedish guy LOL
  4. My Gaming Chair Broke!

    It was a Wizard prank ¬.¬
  5. My Gaming Chair Broke!

    You FAT bastard.... jokes jokes, Get a new chair!!!
  6. Vacation

    Stay safe! have a good time!!

    CC bit late then, Sorry BLuD you said you added more? I can't distinguish them apart from the old ones.
  8. CodeBick on the front lines

    Hi there, I'm rarely on the FH2 server, but when I am, hope to see you there
  9. Finally Made it Here

    Hey man, Can't wait to play soon.

    ''Opinion'' I believe. Roger.. I've wrote the rules down so when I'm playing I can spot people braking them.
  11. Haha, My voice sounds weird through VOIP
  12. I believe I can fly..PR style

    Fine Queenie Weenie, Hush your tears :D
  13. Music?

    I listen to Military bands, I don't like alot of things :D
  14. I believe I can fly..PR style

    Jangman Shush you drama queen :P
  15. I believe I can fly..PR style

    Stupid Admin :P
  16. I believe I can fly..PR style

    When you grabbed the AA vehicle, I said I already had one, this was when the other guy left
  17. I believe I can fly..PR style

    Yep, :D great match
  18. I believe I can fly..PR style

    Haha, Oh yeah xD
  19. Quick Question about OA..

    Is installing ACE2 for OA the same as installing it for Arma2?
  20. Quick Question about OA..

    No, Just OA
  21. Arma2 and Xfire...

    Ahhh, Thanks guys,
  22. New VG Member

    He is saying you are not epic, your a smaller thing of pic :D
  23. YouTube Alternatives

    Erm... I don't think there is one, You could make a area on the site that you can upload to?? EDIT: Like the gallery but for videos? And people upload there own
  24. YouTube Alternatives

    As you would RAM
  25. Arma2 and Xfire...

    Thanks, I don't have steam nothing comes from them. Will try again.