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  1. SWAT 4?

    My copy of swat 4 will be here later in the day, even though i used to play it a lot in the past, i finally own a copy, I also started playing swat 3.
  2. My very own ipod touch...

    You shouldn't lose all the contacts unless you have to reformat it, which would be what itune's itself might do, the appstore itself shouldn't wipe anything. Just write down all the contacts to be safe.
  3. New College Laptop

    My mom got me a new G74SX for college. The thing is a powerhouse. http://www.asus.com/Notebooks/Gaming_Powerhouse/G74SX/ It comes with 8gb ram stock, but can get an additional 8,I am to cheap to spend the money for an additional 8 though. I love it, the 560m GTX has 2gb ram, I can actually change out the ram and harddrives by just turning a little button on the back :). I have never used a better computer in my life, the thing is insane. It plays Crysis 2 + DX11 + HiRes texture at 30 - 50 fps, the thing is a powerhouse, and is silent, the fan alone is barely audible. I recommend one of these for gaming and for high powered use, it will be really nice when i program with it in college, because of the i7. It also has 2 GPUs, the 560 is for gaming, while an onboard runs while on the desktop to save power and heat.
  4. Insurgency edited for =VG=

    Had a bug last night on the takistan US version, was getting unlimited a10s whenever i clicked on the map after the first one was approved,also, i was able to run around in bleeding state, when i got forced onto terrain that makes you go from prone to standings.
  5. Sahrani map...

    just download CAA1 if you want Sahrani and those, on a sidenote.... i need to redownload CAA1
  6. Insurgency edited for =VG=

    Can you make a script for the PMC gamemode of insurgency where the KA rearms like every 5 min when it sits idle without a human pilot, ie, on the heli pad.
  7. ENTER

    Don't get me wrong, ACEX_SM does sound nice, but iirc, it use ACE weapon classnames, so it really wont replace much out of the stock game, so to get the sounds fully, someone would have to run ACE, and running ACE on a server that isn't running it will desync then crash the server, if they unlock it for mods, Soundmod that i recommend is Sound of anders, aka SOA, theres an ace and non-ace version, running the non-ace one wouldn't crash the server, the non ace one is here http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13218 Note: the addon would still have to be signed by the server, but it would not conflict with the server if server wasn't running ACE.
  8. Gets to the end of a round on al basrah, pretty much whole friendly blue team is in palace, he fires a hellfire into a group of friendlies, was gonna use the ban command ,but he got autokicked for the punishes, just a pic of the tk messages.