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  1. Hello Fellow Gamers

    Netraider my former XO, and I are working on getting 4.34 operational now....
  2. Hello Fellow Gamers

    I had been searching on the net and located a fix, which required DL'ing the 2007_HCO_VISTA_64_RC1 exe program, and once loaded going into the control panel/device manager and into the Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar properties and manually setting the Driver In/Driver Out settings and, waaaalaaaa.... problem solved so now the Hotas is fully operational, mind you, I found this fix going through the information, links, url's you all provided me, and I thank you, now I am busily gluing my hair back in, lol..... :-)
  3. Hello Fellow Gamers

    "I have a TM Warthog HOTAS rig which has virtually the same stick but different throttle. Have you tried using the standard profile for the Cougar, it should be in the docs folder of your installation.", Sir, I have not gotten that far, trying to get Window 10 to identify the TM Cougar at the moment, it keeps saying it is not attached or identified, to even get a chance to get a Stick schematic uploaded into it.
  4. Hello Fellow Gamers

    Thank You for the information Sir, and for the document (Layout).
  5. Hello Fellow Gamers

    Thanks for the leed on Benchmarksims site Sir. Getting back in the seat is defiantly interesting. :-)
  6. Hello Fellow Gamers

    Hello All, Long time gamer (1990-____), when I had time between the USMC and Law Enforcement duties from 1983-2018. Retired now and wanting to do much more of it. Fell in love with Falcon 4.0 when it was released in what, 1998. Played pretty avidly until moved to "no internet zone" in 2006. Getting back into Falcon 4.0 having issues with it and Windows 10 and getting my Cougar to work appropriately again (any help appreciated). Former CO of the 416th also a member of the 248th under CO Tomcat.... and so on, loved it hoping to find interest again with other avid Flyers into missions and dogfighting internet ladders. Love to Learn and listen to those more talented than I, hope to make more friends.... Semper FI .... JD