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    Ilgar 22 lvl u cant miss it
  1. I may never play PR again after 31/12/2018

    Wow Aori thats really not nice to hear and if it can go as far as jailing people then i think you shouldnt risk it
  2. I have steam but dont use it to keep in touch with my friends is it possible to add our discord to contacs? (i dont know if this site has a discord or not, if so i would realy like to join) Sorry for taking your time
  3. Paratroopers?

    Ye i know its op or annoying but cant we make these guys event only in maps like Falklands
  4. This guy is a man of culture 


  5. Hello there

    General Kenobi Sorry had to do it. Anyways, im new to this community and i thought it would be nice to introduce myself and make some friends i hope you and i get along buddy I really like the WH40K universe and if you want to talk you can just hit me up.(All is Dust!) You can give me tips about PR in the fields of flying and leading a squad i REALLY need those. Here are somethings i like: History, Guns,Tanks,Ships, Spagetti,Kebabs,Russian Girls,Talking with people(its really wonderful to learn something about their country from a native),uh i almost forgot i do CRACK a smile when i tease someone UwU. Sorry for bothering you with this long read