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Can't reach Air Condition panel

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During ramp start, I am supposed to check Air Condition on to prevent instruments from overheating. Fine.

But the ELBOW REST is in the way, completely blocking the panel, and moving mouse around does not changes the cursor to be able to "guess" and turn the knobs in said panel.


Any ideas? Suggestions?

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That's another good reason to buy a TrackIR, as Semler says you can just hold down the scroll button and slide around the arm rest to view it.

Or use the keyboard short cut -  press SHIFT + .  <---that's the full stop key once (Air Source Up).

Print out the keyboard layout which is found in your docs folder of your BMS installation. You'll find a lot of documentation in that folder including the BMS tutorials, and other manuals.

The directory to this file is something like: C:\Falcon BMS 4.35\Docs\01 Input Devices\01 Keyboard Layouts\Full, here's a copy for ya.

BMS Keyboard Layout (US Int).pdf

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