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=VG= SemlerPDX

BETA TEST: AVCS4 Falcon BMS Radios (v1.3.91b) (profile for VoiceAttack) (requires AVCS CORE profile)

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Profile for VoiceAttack
by =VG= SemlerPDX


I will be running a Public Beta Test for AVCS CORE and AVCS4 Falcon BMS Radios (1.3.90b), and users are encouraged to try out both, or just AVCS CORE and its included Template Profile, if desired.
Please use the voice command "Open Help and Support Menu" to communicate any bug reports.  These help menus can be expanded without new profile versions, so suggestions are welcome.
Thank you for checking out AVCS CORE for VoiceAttack!    -Sem   (Aug2020)


v1.3.90b Full Overhaul & AVCS CORE Integration Update (beta)

I'm very proud to finally offer the next version of AVCS4 BMS because it includes an entire set of profile control and support from my new AVCS CORE Framework Profile for VoiceAttack.  While AVCS4 BMS has not functionally changed much from what users have come to expect, AVCS CORE adds entirely new features that remove any previous need to manually edit any commands in the traditional sense to modify any configuration settings or otherwise.

The only significant new command added directly to AVCS4 BMS is "Edit the Callsigns List" (and phrase variations of it).  This opens a simple Get Choice menu to offer options to add/change/edit/remove any callsigns recognized by the profile.

After that, most everything comes from the required AVCS CORE Profile Framework that will load before AVCS4 BMS, adding commands and features, as well as allowing auto-profile switching by setting AVCS4 BMS as a "Preferred Profile" in the CORE Options Menu (say, "Open Core Options", poke around, have fun!)

Features:  see full details in post ↓


Please be sure to download the AVCS CORE 0.90b Profile from this download section as well, it is now a requirement for any AVCS4 game profile I release, such as the upcoming Elite Dangerous profile, and more...

BETA Release v1.3.90 Changelog Aug2020

New Commands:
 -AVCS CORE Commands Included into AVCS4 BMS Profile to lessen profile switching to CORE when it was needed
 -"Create a new Voice Authorization Phrase" and other included commands from Voice Authorization System
 -VAS can allow QCC commands to be locked behind a required authorization phrase as set by users, in up to 10 weighted levels
 -Integerated Bug Reporting and debugging options from AVCS CORE for easy troubleshooting
 -Versioning allows for Mutiple prior versions (reinitialization required) for easy profile version rollback if desired
 -Included UPDATE command to allow users to import previous saved user settings and saved Quick Commands from previous version of profile
 -Full profile control through command, "Open CORE Options Menu"
 -Better user support through command, "Open Help and Support Menu"  (will expand in time)
 -User settings save file control through command, "Open Save File Menu"  (includes save file backup and restore system)
 -...and much more (see posts at avcs homepage)

 -Set First Use to present user with Get Choice box for Default Keyboard Layout (QWERTY/AZERTY/etc..)
 -Setting 'CurrentBackupIndex' and 'SaveFileBackupCount' to 'Not Set' inside F_SFS_LOAD_ALL  (was getting corrupted in save file)
 -Separated 'new_profiles.txt' file from AVCS4 profiles and AVCS CORE profiles to handle two imports before first time run/initialization of either
 -Added Duplicate Profile check from AVCS CORE, informs user of non-functional AVCS profiles (if ending in 'dash number' such as '-1')
 -Edited Preferred Profile command to allow for any user profile to be set to be auto-switched to after AVCS CORE finishes initializing


BETA Release v1.3.80 Changelog Mar2020

New Commands:
 -"Add/Edit Callsigns List" commands to add or remove callsigns recognized
 -"Add a new Voice Command" and others included from Quick Command Creator system
 - QCC can be used to create additional phrasings, just set action to execute another command (by name)
 -"Edit Keypress Timings" to open options menu to set custom timings

 -AVCS CORE Profile and Updates Management integeration (see AVCS CORE changelog)
 -Full Profile Update Control added with user choice, only downloads if allowed by user (only checks 8 bytes of a version number before that)
 -Profile Updates set to allow choice for majority of fixes/changes to occur without new VoiceAttack Profile download/import  *called "LIVE UPDATES"
 -Physical Profile Updates set to allow previous versions to remain installed without conflict, and also import/uninstall previous version files  *called "MAJOR UPDATES"
 -Fixed typo in command "Raygun" -- corrected from "Ragun"  (first fix via new live updates system)
 -Created 'Add New Callsigns' system using Get-Choice boxes
 -Set most profile variables to config files in VA Apps Folder (edit with "Open Advanced Core Options" command)
 -Set most commands to Text Variables, read from config files


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v1.3.91b Major Profile Update (beta)

Since the Beta Test for AVCS CORE has progressed, and changed the way it runs, AVCS4 BMS must be updated as well.  This will not be the norm, I don't expect many AVCS CORE updates, it is a fixed set of functions.  You can download and import both the new versions of AVCS CORE and AVCS4 Falcon BMS at the same time - just switch to the AVCS CORE 0.91 profile first to trigger the new version setup.

Regarding the changes to AVCS CORE, and how they effect AVCS4 Falcon BMS:
Due to some initial issues right off the bat, it seems the concept of having some AVCS CORE functions outside the profile itself as part of an App for VoiceAttack would have included a bit more work, but more importantly increased the profile package size from around 1MB to over 25MB, and it's just not worth it.  The idea was specifically for things like my Save File Sort function that orders the lines of the save file into a readable alphanumeric sorting, where AVCS4 module specific entries were properly grouped together (like saved Quick Commands or VAS Passphrases), and any new AVCS4 profile such as Elite Dangerous could introduce new sorting rules by simply including a new version of the AVCS_CORE App for VoiceAttack in it's profile package.  This would have removed the need to update the base AVCS CORE profile that all AVCS4 game profiles rely upon anytime I wanted to modify those game-specific functions.

I've done away with the app completely now, and recreated the simple functions like sort and initialize as inline functions for VoiceAttack.  This requires everyone to download a new version of AVCS CORE and the AVCS4 Falcon BMS Radios (beta) profile if currently used.

Thanks for your patience during the beta test rounds here, the end goal for AVCS CORE is to be a stable un-changing profile that can handle profile management for any new AVCS4 game profile I create in the future without needing updates itself, and I think we're well on our way to that.  Cheers!

Please be sure to download the AVCS CORE v0.91b Profile (required), this updated changed the entire initialization methods in AVCS CORE function commands and AVCS4 BMS, too!


BETA Release AVCS4 BMS v1.3.91 Changelog Aug-22-2020

	-This is a major profile update, users of v1.3.90b must download the new v1.3.91 beta test profile and AVCS CORE v0.91b
		-(AVCS4 BMS profile version 1.3.90b will be retired in 30 days)

 -AVCS_CORE App removed in place of internal systems - was too slow, and had compatibility issues



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Any users with extremely long time between keypresses or commands may have this problem -- the way international decimal separators are handled is not working as desired, and is causing a 0.05 second pause to be interpreted as a 5 second pause.  I will address this in an upcoming major profile update for this beta, within a week or two, but for anyone who wants to push through, I have a simple hotfix that can *mostly* fix it for the time being, but it is not perfect:

31 minutes ago, =VG= SemlerPDX said:

Okay, this is a big issue... the time between keys should be default 50 milliseconds (0.05) and not 5 seconds.  It is regarding the way my systems are handling international decimal separators, and will be resolved in an upcoming beta version.  For now, as posted in the Discord channel, anyone with this same issue will need to import this custom version of the init_MAIN command into the AVCS4 BMS v1.3.91 beta if they don't want to wait for the next version.

This issue may pop up with other decimals in the profile, but I can't think of any as crucial and game-breaking as having 5 seconds between every key that AVCS4 BMS presses.  Follow instructions carefully to overwrite the default init_MAIN command, and restart VoiceAttack to enact the change.   This is a hotfix and not a fully functional update so should only be used if someone has this same problem of very long time between keypresses by AVCS4 BMS v1.3.91 beta



NOTE - AVCS4 BMS v1.3.91 beta --
If anyone is experiencing extremely long time between keypresses/commands, and your country uses "," for decimals instead of "." as we do in USA, this is a hotfix until I get the next beta test version released:

Step 1:  Open AVCS4 BMS Profile (the edit profile button, where you see all my commands)
Step 2: Press the button on the lower left labeled "IMPORT COMMANDS"
Step 3: Point it to this profile here called "DO NOT IMPORT THIS"
*it's labeled that so as to not be imported as a profile, only import it's command!
Step 4. When AVCS4 BMS Tells you this will overwrite any existing commands labeled in RED, allow it and proceed


Download: DO NOT IMPORT THIS - Follow instructions in Discord-Profile.vap


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