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wrong ACDATA files

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Hi all

I'm fairly new to BMS multiplayer and I am trying to connect to the VG server. I have everything set up in the Comms menu in BMS, but when I try to connect I get an error message say "wrong ACDATA files".

I am flying 4.33.4 U5


Any ideas as to what that means?



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Some mods or changes to the game will affect the files that contain data for aircraft, most servers will not allow modified files to help prevent cheating.


Do you have any mods installed? Have you made any changes using the Avionics configurator?

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First, you list 4.33.4 U5  -- if there is a typo, that is okay, but U5 is:  4.33.5 Build 16084
Let's be sure we are on the same page with the updates, so launch BMS and check the lower right corner of the main menu - be sure it looks like this:

One easy thing you can do is to copy and move your modded Acdata folder to the side, and use a clean un-modified version for use on Public Servers such as ours.   When you want to play offline or elsewhere using mods or custom items, you can move the modded Acdata folder back into position.  Be sure BMS is not running when you move these folders around.

The path to this folder is:  (your programs folder)\Falcon BMS 4.33 U1\Data\Sim

Here's a copy of a default un-modified Acdata folder for 4.33.5 (U5) from my own installation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7v7oxvid329ped/Acdata.zip?dl=0


I keep that folder at that link until the next update, and usually do it for every update - if you ever get mixed up and need a fresh unmodified Acdata folder, just refer to that link.  I might get it into the Downloads section here for easy reference, because basically it's the go-to fix for the error you posted.

Edited by =VG= SemlerPDX
forgot to mention path to folder Acdata
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It was a typo on my behalf. I am running BMS 4.33.5 16084.

I will try the suggestion of using an unmodded Acdata folder and see if that helps.

Thanks again.


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