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Server Restart?

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Hey all;


I'm brand new to the Veteran's Gaming forums, but not to your servers. I played a ton on your PR server a while ago, and for the past few days/nights I've been flying on the BMS server.


I am asking for a server restart because the Russians and Chinese joined the war on the side of North Korea about 1 or 2 days ago and have totally crushed Bluefor. They killed all tankers, AWACS, JSTARS, ELINT, sank the carrier group, established total air superiority and destroyed a large majority of Blue ground forces and installations.

I do not believe that it is possible to come back from such a devastating defeat and ask that the server be reset.


Attached below is a screenshot of the current situation.


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Welcome to VG BMS

I have to say I am having great fun attempting to push back from Seoul. The war never ends officially over a great many campaigns so its kinda unimportant how this one goes. Enjoy the migs and ground missions.

For a long time now the campaign runs well past 20 days and russia/china always join in. Need more regular players to bring that down but regardless most ends are an unoffical win for blue.

Are you flying as Revan ?

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Welcome to the website and BMS Server, Revan! :drinks:


AFAIK, AWACS will still function regardless of active Sentry flights.

As far as restarting, we only do that when it's exceedingly boring or there are no targets worth attacking.  We have difficulty stacked a bit against BLUFOR so as to require Human interaction to win the war, without it being too difficult on the players.  Actual enemy aircraft past Day 2-3 is a treat!! ;)


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VG BMS is a casual public multiplayer campaign.  We don't run a full "hardcore simulated" campaign, so we do not bother to repair or maintain AWACS, JSTARS, or Tanker flights throughout the war when they get wiped out by OPFOR AI.  You are REQUIRED to identify your targets via AWACS IFF on our server, therefore to be sure you are not targeting friendly (or friendly human) pilots, please Uncheck this function.  The AI is fairly quick with the Buddy Spike calls in the event you do lock them up, but a human player (possibly new to the multiplayer sim) may not be.  Also, we ensure no friendlies are downrange when we launch Heaters and Slammers because they can reacquire a friendly as a target - this happened to me yesterday when my rejoin maneuver put me in the path of a missile launched by a MiG at Jeff; I caught the missile's eye, and it blew me to hell instead of Jeff.  IFF is essential on our server!

FTR -- How to ensure AWACS is available for IFF Declare requests:

Open the BMS Launcher, click on Configuration.  Under Campaign, ensure AWACS Required is UNCHECKED.   Click Apply Changes to save.

AWACS setting for VG BMS Server.PNG


**On a side note, @Revan -- I noticed yesterday that you were using the F2 key for intra-flight comms and this is broadcast to everyone on the server's 2D map!  It's a common mistake by Falcon pilots new to the IVC Comms system.
We use F2 only for speaking when planning a mission before launching, and we use F1 to communicate from 2D map to players in the 3D cockpit in-game.

Once you are in the cockpit, you must use your COMMS HAT Up/Down to cue up your UHF/VHF radios respectively.  This 4-way HAT control is found on the throttle quadrant (HOTAS TQS).  Here are the callbacks from the keyfile, set them to a control you can use - you will STILL need to use F2/F1 as needed when you are NOT in the cockpit, but these are what you use IN-GAME to communicate:

SimTransmitCom1 -1 0 0XC7 0 0 0 1 "TQS: COMMS Switch Up - UHF"
SimTransmitCom2 -1 0 0XCF 0 0 0 1 "TQS: COMMS Switch Down - VHF"


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12 hours ago, CobaltUK said:

Server restarted to day 1. Not enough active air bases left :(

Thank you, CobaltUK.  Well, we fought them back as best we could.  It was rather exciting this week, if only a little frustrating, when you'd go out for a Ground Attack mission and have to jettison your stores and extra fuel tanks to dogfight with a few packs of MiG's.  Still, we were barely making headway, and though we were keeping them at bay, I don't think we were pushing them back at all.  So many BLUFOR Ground Forces were severely fatigued and Morale was low.  The further loss of Airbases was clearly the death knell of the campaign, no reason to continue that slow march to defeat.

You win this round, DRPK!!

Dogfighting MiG's with Jeffu earlier this week:  "GUNS GUNS GUNS! Splash one bandit!"


*(good to know our Campaign is balanced enough that OPFOR can win if BLUFOR doesn't get enough Human action - makes it a very involving experience!!)

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